3 Great Outdoor Bar/Service Area Ideas for Your Home

Entertainment home patios areas or other storage areas like your carport that can be easily converted into great full service areas outside your home — a great way to have guests while keeping your house protected and tidy. Here are a few unique outdoor bar and service area ideas for you…

Bar and service stand on wheels. Barbecues with wheels have been around for a long time. Take this idea to the next level. Why not adapt your barbecue create a full service area on wheels that you could even take out onto grassy areas and attract people away from your home. Build-in sinks to hold ice and go the hole way with power supply, refrigeration and lighting. Be smart with drainage and include hoses so you can easily direct waste water away from the service area, and use it wisely on your flower beds and gardens. That would have to assure you top bragging rights at any outdoor get together.

Kitchen top-to-outdoor extension. Have you ever thought of using your modifying window and existing kitchen to make a great service and bar extension into outdoor home patios and verandas. Increase window size and extend your surface so that it is smooth from inside your kitchen to out. This can be done relatively easy and with great style creating an attractive and unique feature to your home. Another advantage is you will get to keep all your cooking and cleaning in one place and be able to serve and look after your guests with all of your kitchen appliances and utensils without having to move them. Guests will not need to enter your home to get what they want to drink or eat, keeping it clean and tidy when you have special functions. With some thought, not much cost and a little DIY your service area will be a unique, stylish and very functional addition to your home.

360° bar. How often do we see them in our homes? Rarely. If you think about it, they are extremely functional allowing maximum space for people to access at the same time, and are a great feature to any outdoor patio or pergola area. You can always design a cover so that you bar and service area can be converted into a table if you wish. Or you could design it so it is a bar and eating area at the same time. A great way to have fun and focus when having parties or events at home. Get a little creative and reap the rewards.

With greater restrictions and costs of entertainment in bars and restaurants, home outdoor areas with smart design, can be even better places to enjoy friends and family. If you design smart, you can have 5 star style and quality events at budget costs, and little maintenance and clean-up. Turn your outdoor space, even carport, into a quality family and friend time venue.