3 Structural DIY Projects For Your Home

There’s nothing quite as rewarding as constructing or designing something from scratch that you know will benefit your family. For generations, people have tested out the DIY waters, endeavouring on projects to improve the lives of those around them, whether it’s a small project like a new door for the bedroom or something substantially larger like a pergola , the thrill of doing it yourself is unparalleled. If you’re looking for something to keep yourself (or your other half) occupied, here are a few suggestions of structural DIY projects that can benefit your home. After all, you know what they say about idle hands…

Treehouse for the Kids

Show us a kid that doesn’t love a treehouse and we’ll be mighty surprised. There’s something about the magic of a special little hideout just for the kids that evokes a story-book sense of wonder and adventure. If you’re planning on building a treehouse for the kids, your primary consideration obviously needs to be safety. For this reason, we don’t recommend designing it yourself (unless you’re an engineer) but there are several plans available online and through your local hardware store that you can follow in order to create a sturdy structure. Other things to consider are height, accessibility, the age of your children and whether you’re going to be ambitious and create an entire house or stick to a more basic platform-style. Whatever the end result, your kids will be thrilled to bits that they have a new place to play, and we’re guessing you’ll feel pretty chuffed as well!

Garden Shed

If you have a big backyard, one of the most useful additions you can make to your home is a garden shed. Not only will it provide shelter for bikes, tools and garden equipment, but it will help make your backyard tidy and streamlined, without all of the extra clutter lying around! Depending on how you’ll use your shed, there are several options for how you can build it. You can use a plan and purchase the materials individually, or you can purchase a ready-designed model that requires you to assemble and erect it. Make an honest assessment of your abilities before you start out, it can often be a lot simpler and cheaper to buy a package deal and build it from that rather than to source and build it from scratch.


Of course, once you’ve knocked the shed and the treehouse off your list, all that remains to be conquered is the mighty veranda . There’s nothing better than the space and entertainment value of a good veranda, and with so many styles to choose from you can really impress your friends (and your family!) We recommend consulting a veranda or pergola company to discuss design and materials, at which point you can decide how much you want to ‘DIY’ and how much you want to leave in their hands. Once you have the design and the materials delivered you can invite a few friends over who owe you a favour and get started erecting your brand new addition.