4 tips for setting up your pergola for an outdoor party

The outdoor party is a joy, and you’ll find people don’t need much persuasion to show up. Setting up a pergola is a fairly straightforward process, but you need to plan ahead. You can get most of the planning done with a few simple checks and steps. A good home pergola can provide a lot of good services, too, and you will find you’ve acquired a major asset for the outdoor area.

The party pergola - Issues and fixes

A pergola is basically a frame, covered or otherwise. These frames are often beautiful things, solid wood or steel, with overhead trimmings and design elements. The party pergola is a choice of options, but you’ll find that the one you want not only looks right, but suggests a lot of uses, as well.

The issues with party pergolas are:

  • Appearance

  • Cover issues

  • Cost

  • Time factors

The fixes are straightforward:

  • Appearance: The look is critical. Do you prefer wood, steel, or something more like a big garden pergola? (Check out the top brand Stratco pergolas to see the modern designs at work.)

  • Cover issues: Would you like a traditional frame top, or an open top with a cover? (Tip: Outdoor parties seem to cause rain. Whatever you pick, make sure you have some sort of cover available if you need one.)

  • Cost: An obvious issue, but one with an upside. The pergola can be a real property asset, so think ahead about its other uses. It’s well worth checking out the home design websites to see the fabulous things pergolas can do as design features.

Time factors

Some pergolas can be installed very quickly, others take a while, because they’re big and solid, and use heavier materials and fixtures. Make sure you’ve got a good idea of schedules and building approvals involved in installation.

Style and size for party pergolas

Style is a statement, with a pergola. Covered pergolas, like the modern roofed pergola, which is practically a building frame, look quite different from the uncovered traditional frame pergolas. Choosing what you want is a lot of fun.

The party pergola needs to be a good size to achieve the right covered area. If you’re having a lot of people at your party, the bigger sizes will definitely do the job. They also give you spare room if required.

What else has to fit under the pergola?

Things like dining tables, outdoor cookery equipment, gas cylinders, barbecues, food tables, drinks tables, stereos, etc. all take up space and all need to be safely set up. Note: Anything flammable or electrical must be kept clear and not too close to anything it could damage.

Setting up the party pergola

This is where your planning pays off. The pergola is bought, and installed preferably a day or so before the party. This gives you time to check out any organizational situations, and have a quick run through of your setup.