5 Benefits of Installing a Pergola

Everybody loves the idea of sprucing up their backyards, but sometimes simply finding the time is the hardest part of all. You might think it takes weeks and even months of planning, or the clean-up job after everything is finished will be too much of a pain, or perhaps that the backyard won’t look as good as you’ll imagined it. One of the most time-tested and safe ways to make your backyard look beautiful, however, is to add a pergola. In this article, we’ll look at some of the benefits pergolas can bring to your little corner of the world.

Green up your garden

For those who don’t know, a pergola is a structure supported by columns on the side, with lattices or beams along the top linking the columns. The best thing about a pergola, then, is that it’s a structure that allows climbing plants to intertwine themselves along it, as well as hanging plants to be dangled prettily. By adding a pergola and choosing some fantastic plants to go along with it, you’ll be greening up your garden and adding the type of beauty that only plant life can provide.

Protection from the weather

If you’re avoiding your backyard because of a lack of shade protection from the harshes of an Australian summer, then a pergola is the perfect answer to your problem. Once the climbing plants have covered the pergola,you’ll find that the shade provided when you’re sitting underneath the structure is perfect to protect you from the sun’s rays. What’s more, the fact that the pergola is not completely closed off like a regular roof means it’ll still have that outdoorsy feel without succumbing to the elements. If the plants are dense enough, a pergola can even protect you from the rain!

Block out unsightly views

Sometimes backyards can be perfectly beautiful if not for an ugly structure ruining the view for you and the people who visit your house. Whether it’s an ugly shed at the next door neighbour’s house or a dying tree, a pergola can be strategically placed to block out unsightly views and focus the attention on the views that contribute to a sense of beauty in your backyard.

Combine with other structures

One of the ways to get the most out of a pergola is to use it as a lead-in to other structures, such as gazebos or verandas . Imagine someone entering your yard and discovering a leafy path marked by a pergola which results in a large, inviting veranda. Or perhaps the pergola could lead from your back door towards a solitary gazebo to create an attractive outdoor living area. Whatever the choice, a pergola doesn’t have to exist on its own; sometimes it works best in sync with other backyard designs.

Add value to your home

Finally, adding a pergola is bound to lend extra value to your property. It can add interest to an otherwise boring landscape, it provides a space for plants that literally breathe life into the area, it adds shade and an extra layer of protection from the rain, it can help screen out unsightly views and it can even double as a remarkable outdoor living space. All these factors combine to add significant value to your home and make it a more attractive prospect when it comes time to sell.