5 Benefits of Installing a Veranda

Obviously, we love verandas . Probably more than most people, which is completely understandable, but as such, we have a unique insight into all the ways in which they can benefit your family, your home, and your life. We’ve taken the liberty of compiling our five favourite things about verandas for you here…oh, we could go on, but for now, five is enough! Enjoy…


A little-known benefit of a veranda but an increasingly important one is the way in which it can cool your home–without expensive air-conditioning bills! Adding an awning, pergola or veranda creates shelter from the hot sun, and placed in a strategic position, you can cut up to 40% off your cooling bills by preventing the sun’s heat from penetrating your house. A house that stays cool to begin with doesn’t need environmentally unfriendly methods to cool it down, making a veranda quite the sustainable option.


There’s nothing quite like the charm and feeling of completion a veranda adds to a home. A wrap-a-round veranda just begs to be enjoyed with a cool drink as you watch the world go by, whereas other more modern styles add a touch of class and elegance that can’t be matched. Whatever style veranda you prefer, there’s no denying the beauty they add to a home’s exterior.


Australia’s sunny, warm climate lends itself perfectly to enjoying parties and barbecues with friends in the great outdoors. A veranda provides the perfect stopgap between the backyard and the house, a sheltered area in which you can enjoy nature without succumbing to its whims! Whether you’re hosting an elegant alfresco dinner party or a rollicking knees-up with forty of your nearest and dearest, it is a long held Australian tradition for the fun to take place on the family veranda.


When prospective buyers look at the value of your home, verandas, pergolas and other additions can boost the value by up to $20,000. Not only does it give the house a more cosy, complete feel, but in many cases it functions as an additional room. Which brings us to our final point…


Family living is great, but especially as the kids get older, you begin to need much more of your own space. Nothing relieves the trauma of living with surly teenagers than escaping with your beloved to the cool serenity of your veranda or balcony. The additional space that a veranda can provide is ideal for enjoying being at home without living on top of each other.

Like we said, we love verandas…can you tell?