5 tips to a stress free DIY Renovation

Ready to give your home a face-lift? With today’s economy, more and more homeowners are thinking about giving do-it-yourself (DIY) renovations a go. The advantages are obvious – the DIY option is usually much more affordable and can be a fun project for loved ones to embark on together.

Of course, despite your very best intentions, it doesn’t seem to take much for your project to become a DIY nightmare!

However, never fear! Whether you are building a patiospergola or tackling a new bathroom or kitchen renovation, the following tips are sure to help keep your DIY project relatively stress free.

1. Do your research before you renovate


One of the most important steps in any DIY renovation is the research stage, so before you do anything else, start looking into what may be involved. There may be more than one way to do the project, there might be permits you need to get, or you could become inspired to do something different altogether, so allow plenty of time for research. The better you know your options, the more likely you are to find the right one to suit you.

Get inspiration online – sites like ikeahackers.net showcase some fantastic ideas for simple DIY projects inspired from your favourite Swedish furniture designers. (Image: Ikeahackers.net )

2. Get advice from real building professionals


Once you have done your research and are sure about what it is you want to do, get some professional advice on whether or not your idea is likely to work. The professional may be able to suggest a few improvements, or even just tell you where the best places are for renting tools and equipment. Don’t underestimate the knowledge of an industry professional, and be sure you get some advice before you proceed with your renovations.

Searching for advice? A great place to start is with your smartphone – this DIY Renovation Advice App for iPhone offers helpful hints and tips for common DIY projects including kitchen and bathroom renovations.

3. Make a detailed plan on how you will tackle your DIY project

Once you know exactly what it is you want to do and have gotten some advice, take your time and plan out exactly how you are going to go about the project. By breaking it down into small steps, it will be easier to stay on track, as well as to feel a sense of progress as you work your way through the renovations. Your plan might reveal some parts of the project where you may need some help, and allow you to make arrangements well in advance.

Worried about rising energy costs? Sustainable home design can help you save $$$ on your utility bills.Yourhome.gov.au has some great advice for a more earth friendly renovation project.

4. Allow plenty of time

If you want your DIY renovations to turn out perfectly, it is important to take your time working on them. If you haven’t allowed enough time to get the project done by a certain deadline, forcing it will only jeopardise the quality of the project, and possibly even your safety. Allow more than enough time for each and every aspect of the job, as this way you should be able to finish your renovations ahead of time.

You know what they say – measure twice and cut once! It’ll save you heaps of time and hassle in the long run!

5. Pay as you go for your renovation supplies

A big advantage to taking your time with your DIY renovations is that you can pay for sections to be done as you do them, rather than having to come up with a larger amount of money for the entire project all at once. By taking an incremental approach, you are also far less likely to go off budget, as you won’t ever find yourself rushed to make an important decision regarding the project and your financing.


Don’t assume that everything you buy yourself is automatically going to be cheaper than if you paid a builder. Remember that tradesmen get special deals from suppliers. Factor this into your cost decisions.