6 Interesting Theme Ideas For Your Patio and Pergola

Your pergola and home patio can be as unique as you and is only limited to your imagination. Whether immersing yourself in your new environment for relaxation, or using it for parties and other home events, a unique and interesting pergola and patio or veranda, is an excellent way to extend the usable space of your home, without huge costs. Don’t let budget be a deterrent, most patio ideas can be slight modification or addition to what you already have. Here are some interesting theme ideas for you:

• Fire centre piece. A central piece is a great way to spice up and create focus for your patio and pergola. If you live in particular cold climates, a central fire pit is a great and practical, and yet simple, addition to any patio. Using landscaping techniques you may wish to have a low maintenance garden. Centre-pieces are an easy way to create a unique and exciting entertainment space.

• Roman. The Romans were masters of good architecture and luxury. Recreate a Roman look with colour floor tiles, mosaics and earthen bricks and sandstones. You could go one step further with a large central Roman bath and create a feel of absolute luxury in both Summer and Winter.

• Ultra modern. Have the outdoor area to match your home. Modern materials allow for cushions where once could not have been. Highly durable paints and surfaces make the impossible possible. Lime green and white can create an amazing and truly post-modern look. Use tough-glass for flooring to cover running water or intricate sand designs. Use dark polished concrete and dark wooden structures with stainless steel to create that neo-Tokyo style, so famous amongst the best teppanyaki restaurants around. Even have a teppanyaki cooking table as a centre-piece.

• Butterfly garden. Have you ever thought of bringing the wonders of nature to you? A butterfly garden is another relatively easy to do and wonderful theme. Butterfly colour combinations can also be predicted on the nature of what plants you choose to grow. Have a great range of colours or select an individual flower colour to attract particular colour types. Using nature to give develop under utilised patio idea.

• Wild west. What better for hot arid environments. Choose woods to match with wooden, sandstone or other rustic surfaces. Use low maintenance cacti and other desert plants to create full effect. Add a range of features like a bar and seating keeping in style. A pergola and patio that will turn into an entertainment destination.

• Magical. Are you one of those spiritual types? Create a patio of wonder and beauty. Use coloured glass, flowers and purchase readily available stone and concrete-poured figurines. Bring your dreams into reality.

These are only a few ideas. In fact there is no limit to what can be done and still be practical when we think patios and pergolas. Sometimes they can be easier to design and execute than their interior cousins. Use fashion magazines, travel and dining magazines to give you fresh inspiration. Convert an under-used carport into a luxury play area for both adults and kids.