Adding a Carport to Your Home

There are many good reasons to consider building a carport. These secure structures take up less space than a garage while offering the same level of security and protection for your vehicle and adding value to your home, not to mention being more versatile and easier to install.

Advantages of carports

Popular reasons for choosing a carport over a garage include:

  • Versatility – carports are available in a wider variety of styles than garages, making it easier to match them to your home and outdoor space. If you build a portable carport, you can even take it with you if you move.

  • Extra space – carports can do more than just protect your car from the elements. Building a larger carport will increase your sheltered storage space and can double up as a place to entertain guests, relax outdoors or even grow plants.

  • Cost – installing a carport is considerably less expensive than building a garage.

  • Ease of installation – you could save even more by purchasing a carport installation kit and avoiding the cost of hiring contractors, as long as you are confident in your DIY skills.

  • Building restrictions – if your local council does not permit garages, you may still be able to build a carport as an alternative, as long as you check for any restrictions on size, materials and distance from the curb.

Your carport options

Carports are not a one-size-fits-all solution – they are available in a huge range of sizes, materials and styles to suit every home and every price range. The main types of carports are:

  • Carport tent – these freestanding structures covered by a canvas or plastic canopy offer less security than a solid carport,but they can be the ideal option for tight budgets and rental properties, and will still protect your car from the wind and rain.

  • Attached or freestanding? – You can save on construction costs and enjoy instant access to your carport by attaching it to an exterior wall of your home. Freestanding structures are more expensive, but they offer greater flexibility in terms of size and location.

  • Carport materials – your carport should be made from the best quality materials you can afford, which you can be confident will keep your car secure and stand up to wear and tear over the years. Steel and aluminium offer exceptional durability and are resistant to water damage, or you may prefer the classic look of a wooden frame.

  • Carport roofs – another important consideration is the type of roof you choose for your carport, from simple canopies to permanent flat, gable, curved or pergola-style roofs to improve drainage.

Things to consider

Adding a carport to your home will increase your property's value, but only when the carport is carefully chosen to fit in with your home and outdoor area. Steel or aluminium frames could look out of place next to a traditional cottage or country house, and if a freestanding carport could detract attention from your main building, an attached carport may be the better option.

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