Advice and Ideas on Choosing Outdoor Furniture

Choosing outdoor furniture for pergolas and outdoor areas can be a challenge but with a few simple guidelines you can narrow down your choices. As with everything, the type of furniture you choose for your pergola depends upon the décor of your outdoor area and of course the kind of house you have.

If you live in a timber cottage with a country feel, then of course getting the latest streamlined steel framed furniture would look out of place. Likewise, if you have an ultra modern urban oasis, chances are you won’t lean towards the white cane furniture. Going with existing design features is the port of call when it comes to picking outdoor furniture.

Country – if you have a country style house or cottage, then you could quite easily go with a number of types of furniture. You could go with something new and metal framed, but you would pick something that has been powder coated in a white or neutral colour. With some cushions to soften the look and the a table that can wear a table cloth, you will have a set that will subtly blend in with the surroundings.

You could also choose cane, either white or natural. Cane is a lovely choice for outdoor areas that are well covered, as cane will rot if left in the rain.

Another option for a traditional style home would be wrought iron. With lacy flourishes in either black or white, wrought iron is a classic choice that will withstand temperature extremes.

Modern – if you have a house that has been renovated with render and sleek aluminium fittings or perhaps an architecturally designed home, then you should choose from the more contemporary ranges.

A sleek, metallic frame in either natural finish or powder coated in a colour to match your window frames (perhaps gunmetal or black) will look great. Sticking with the sleek, low profile designs will do well in a modern outdoor setting. Metallic furniture will also withstand outdoor exposure.

Another idea for a modern garden would be teak or certain styles of bamboo and woven furniture. As long as the wood, cane or bamboo is stained in a darker hue, you will be safe with any of these options.

Stick to simple, sleek lines and choose items such as day beds and hanging basket style chairs and you will have a luxurious, modern oasis in your back yard.

Traditional brick – if you live in a standard brick home, no matter the colour of the brick, you can pretty much play around with most kinds of outdoor furniture. Instead of going with the décor of the house, have a look at your pergola design. Is your structure made of wood, metal or composite material? Is it heavy, delicate, old or modern? Depending on the style of your patio, you should match darker, heavier furniture with a more solid pergola design. If you have a white, slat-based pergola then you could go with white cane, wrought iron or powder coated metal.

Once you have chosen the style for your outdoor furniture, you can then move on to decorate the rest of the area in a complementary fashion. Verandas are such a pleasure to decorate because you have much more freedom in the design and styles you can work with. As long as your outdoor area is clean, dry and comfortable you will get enjoyment out of it through out the whole year.