Benefits of Blinds over Curtains

Blinds have a number of advantages over curtains, whether you're updating a modern or older home. These versatile window treatments can be custom made to match any home design and offer greater control over light, privacy and heat levels compared to drapes.

Here are some of the main reasons to consider going with blinds in any room of the house.

Light control

The most obvious benefit of blinds is that you can decide exactly how much light is allowed to enter the room at different times of the day. If you desire total blackout, designs such as roller blinds don't let any light through, while blinds made of translucent and lighter materials diffuse sunlight to bathe the room in a soft glow.

You should also check that your blinds block harmful UV rays, with products such as ambient blinds offering up to 99 percent UV blockout.


As well as keeping the sun out of your eyes and off the TV screen, blinds prevent neighbours and passersby from seeing into your property. The classic Venetian blind design features adjustable slats that can be rotated to allow you to see out without anyone else seeing in.

Energy efficiency

Blinds can help you to save energy and lower your electricity bills too, by reducing heat gain in the summer and preventing heat from escaping during the winter more efficiently than fabric curtains. Solid panel blinds made of reflective material can reduce heat gain by 45 percent when closed.


Blinds can be raised, lowered, opened and closed using dangling cords, rotating wands or remote control to offer greater convenience wherever you are in the room. You don't even have to operate your blinds manually when you set automatic timers to adjust light levels at different times of the day.


Curtains come in a variety of colours and patterns, but blinds are much more diverse in styles and material. You can spend a long time poring over catalogues and websites, searching for the perfect match for your home.


With their durable powder-coated frames and mould and mildew resistant materials, blinds are considerably easier to maintain than curtains. If you have wood blinds, these should be treated to prevent damage from moisture and UV rays.

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