Benefits Of Extending Your Veranda Along The Length Of Your Property

If you are considering having a verandah added to your home, it is well worth thinking about how big it is going to be before you make your final decision. After all, if you stay quite small you might regret it when it comes to sitting outside and not being able to squeeze the whole family underneath it!

When a lot of people think about having a bigger veranda they think of extending it out into the garden. This is a viable choice but it does take up a lot of garden space and you might not be willing to give up such a big part of your lawn.

But is there any other alternative?

Fortunately there is, and it can really enhance your home beautifully as well. The other method is to extend your veranda so that it runs along the whole of the rear of your house. In fact it can be over six metres in length if you wish. It can also extend around the side of your home, perhaps incorporating a carport for extra versatility if you don’t have a garage in which to keep your car.

There is nothing quite like the look of a long veranda in this style. The middle section can be curved if you wish to make it appear even roomier and more inviting, and yet it will still keep the sun and the rain off as you relax underneath it.

An extended veranda will also be very appealing whenever you invite friends and family over for a barbecue. Instead of having everyone huddling under one single area of roof, the feeling of space offered by an extra long roof allows everyone to relax and spread out. It also works well if you have a small back garden and you don’t want your veranda to impose too much on it.

It is also more practical when you are gardening. You can keep the entertaining area at one end of the veranda, while practical tasks can be done elsewhere. If you normally have to stop gardening and putting plants in pots when it is raining, you won’t have to do that once you have a veranda like this attached to your home.

As you can see the possibilities of having a full length veranda are endless. And you can have an extension added to part of the length if you wish as well. This means you could allocate one specific area for dining and relaxing in, which would only extend part of the way into your garden.

It is certainly important to sketch out some ideas on how the extended veranda would work best for you. Some people even extend it round the side of their house, but this does obviously depend on how much room you have to do so. If you have a side door it can be a real benefit though.

So think carefully before you decide on what you want. The extra time you take will be worth it.