What’s best for your home: 4 types of veranda roof

There are a lot of veranda roof designs on the market, and people could be forgiven for thinking they’re buying a veranda roof like they’re at a supermarket. However, you don’t have to settle for just anything in a veranda roof these days. A bit of shopping around will get what you want, save time, and save money.

Veranda roofs- The types and styles issue

Any architect will tell you that a veranda roof is a major design element. The veranda roof is a big shape, often covering a large part of a house, and there are a few things to consider when picking styles:

  • Shape: The basic veranda roof types are curved, flat, gabled and covered. Modern veranda roofs are elegant things, and you can really produce a beautiful building design feature for your house.
  • Construction: Wood, steel, and other types of cover are ideal for some homes, but not necessarily right for others. This is very much a matter of taste, but practical concerns in terms of matching house construction needs must be considered.
  • Interior and exterior lines: The new veranda roofs are big beautiful things, and you’ll find you can tailor your veranda roof to match other design features.
  • Coverage needs: The space to be covered is a primary concern, and it also gives you some options in terms of size and cost. You may actually find that a bigger veranda roof is a more cost effective option.
  • Light and heat issues: The Australian veranda’s main mission since European settlement has been to help protect the house from glare and heat. This is an important positive factor in veranda roof designs, and you can achieve a lot with a good solid light and heat shield roof.
  • Colours: The good news is you have a great choice available. Consider colour matches and contrasts on their merits, but you’ll definitely find what you want.

Types of veranda roofs- What’s available, and what’s possible

If you’re getting a bit of “information overload” from looking at designs, and still not sure if you can get what you want, the simple answer is to just ask. Veranda manufacturers and suppliers are also builders and designers, and if what you want is doable, they’ll know how to do it.

Design issues and veranda roofs

The veranda adds large covered spaces to houses which include a range of functions like entertainment areas, recreational areas, and a hybrid patio/outdoor living space. In effect the veranda extends the living area. When looking at a veranda roof, consider the space function as a multi-value effect on your home.

The modern veranda roof- big, tough, stylish and versatile

Modern veranda roofs are much bigger than their predecessors, structurally solid, and their range of uses has changed even the basic concept of a veranda. If you want a look at a full range of design options, check out a major Australian brand, Stratco, to see the benchmarks in modern style.


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