DIY Pergola Design Ideas for Christmas

Whether you’re a handyman or simply a creative looking for your next DIY project, extending your backyard by building a patio is a great project you can tackle in time for Christmas.

There are a number of outdoor patio ideas you can consider depending on your style, budget and resources. Firstly, you might want to sit down and plan a rough project strategy that outlines things such as your timeline, expected expenses, structural measurements, project limitations and contingencies.

Once you have a solid game plan, choosing a design that will fit the bones and elements of your home is maybe where you can expect to hit a wall. Not only does the design have to pass an approval phase, it must also be in line with the project plan you have set out.

To give you a backyard you can enjoy and appreciate, we’ve compiled a list of patio designs that are simple enough to DIY and practical enough to host your Christmas or New Year parties in.


Image via Design Rulz

The Summer Space

For those with a simpler design in mind, this particular structure is still design savvy but more DIY friendly. A deck with a four post construction and cleverly placed panels or fitted outdoor blinds can look like more than it actually is.

To further customise the look of your patio, consider looking at some outdoor decking ideas and hone in on a particular design you think will add to the overall aesthetic of your project.

This design is ideal for any home with a decent amount of outdoor space and for DIY builders with a less extravagant budget. Best of all, you can configure it easily to fit the measurements and style of your home.

The Zenden

For a low maintenance, garden friendly design concept, a pre-constructed steel patio you can easily erect in an allocated backyard area or attach as part of your main home, is a DIY builder’s quick fix.

Perfect for those looking to add a basic outdoor living area, this design can easily be assembled, and can grow as a blended part of your garden throughout the years.


Image via Design Rulz

The Creative

Finally, for blokes with a little more time, space and budget, a curved detached pergola with decking is something that will satisfy both your design and functionality needs.

Although it might be a little trickier to build, if your vision, budget and resources are in line, the project will be a great pay off once it’s completed.

This particular design is suitable for homes that want to incorporate a modern twist.
Whether you want to use more of your home, or are after a space where you can host outdoor gatherings, a DIY patio is a perfect way to make your home more livable.