Enjoying Your Verandah In Winter

Some people are outside in their gardens right through the summer months… and yet as soon as the colder weather rolls in they shoot indoors and you won’t see them outside again until the better weather comes back in force.

But you don’t have to follow this pattern if you plan for the winter with a little more thought. There’s no doubt that you won’t want to be outside on a particularly wet and windy day, but you can use your outdoor pergola or whatever space you have more often than you might think.

For example, you might find you can still enjoy some time sitting outside with a good book when the weather allows it, even if it is still quite cold. Plan your time outdoors to coincide with the better breaks in the weather and stay wrapped up to get a good blast of revitalising fresh air.

And even when you don’t go outside you can make sure your verandah still looks stunning by adding a number of winter plants to the area. Find out what plants and shrubs will flourish under these conditions and plant them at just the right time to get the best effect.

We tend to think of bright flowers and colourful borders as being something that is unique to the summer, but it is quite possible to have a colourful garden all year round once you know what plants to use.

You can also enjoy your verandah in other ways as well. For example, why stick to having dull plant pots everywhere? You could use outdoor paint to give them a fresh lease of life. A good mix of colours will allow them to add interest even when there aren’t too many flowers blooming. Basically, if the plant is green and has no flowers, balance out the look by putting it in an eye catching pot instead!

And don’t forget the possibility of buying a patio heater as well. These are relatively inexpensive and if you like spending as much time outside as you can, then it will definitely be worth the investment. You may still find there is less time to spend outside during the winter months, but you can certainly make the most of the time you do have.

Another option is to set up a chair next to the window or doors that lead out onto your veranda, and spend some time thinking about how you will revitalise it when the weather gets warmer again. Research those summer plants and plan a timetable so you can get outside and start planting out some new shrubs as soon as the weather allows for it. Even this activity is surprisingly enjoyable and you can do it even if it is raining all day!

So you see you can still have great fun with your outdoor space even when the weather doesn’t allow it. You might just need to change your perspective a bit, that’s all. But it’s certainly worth the effort!