Home Fire Safety Checklist

Whether you live in an area at risk from bushfires or you just want to be confident that your loved ones are safe, learning how to identify and avoid common fire hazards around the home, check your smoke alarms and prepare a home escape plan can save lives.

Follow this simple fire safety checklist to make your home a safer environment for everyone.

Electrical hazards

  • Replace any damaged or faulty electronics as soon as possible

  • Install additional power outlets rather than using power boards

  • Clean out the lint filter before operating the clothes dryer

  • Leave enough space for airflow around washing machines and dryers

  • Switch of all appliances when not in use

Heating and cooking hazards

  • Never leave active cooking appliances or open flames unattended

  • Install safety guards around heaters, stoves and open fires

  • Clear at least one metre of space around heaters

  • Carefully inspect gas cylinders and hoses before lighting BBQs

  • Make sure BBQs are supervised by an adult and are located away from grass or wooden decks

Other fire hazards

  • Keep lighters and matches away from children

  • Store chemicals and fuels away from heat sources

  • Make sure mowers and other vehicles are cool before refuelling

  • Clear away leaves and litter from around your home and clean our your gutters regularly

  • Never smoke in bed

Smoke alarms

  • Install smoke alarms on every level of the building

  • Install alarms outside all sleeping areas

  • Test all alarms at least once a month

  • Change all alarm batteries at least once a year

  • Clean all alarms at least once a year to keep them free from dust

Fire safety equipment

  • Keep fire extinguishers and fire blankets close to your kitchen and other high-risk areas

  • Check that fire extinguishers and fire blankets meet Australian Standards

  • Shake fire extinguishers regularly toprevent the chemicals from settling

  • Replace fire extinguishers after every use

  • Install an electric safety switch on your switchboard

Home escape plans

  • Make sure there are two exit points from every room

  • Designate a safe meeting point outside the house in case of emergencies

  • Practise your home escape plan with the whole family on a regular basis

  • Make sure every member of the household knows your full address and nearby street names

  • Never deadlock doors when the home is occupied

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