How to Clean & Maintain Your Patio

Patios may be low-maintenance, but that doesn't mean they won't benefit from a spot of cleaning and tender loving care every now and again.

Whether you have a wooden deck or concrete or stone patio, treating it to a thorough scrub-down once a year and regular resealing will keep your outdoor area looking good as new for longer.

1. De-cluttering

When you're removing furniture, decor and other objects from your patio area prior to cleaning, take the opportunity to evaluate whether each item really needs to be there, or if you could get some of your outdoor living space back for dining and entertaining.

2. Dry sweeping

Leaves, dirt and other non-sticky debris are much easier to remove when the surface is dry, so sweeping the area thoroughly first could save you time and effort later. Brushing can also break up existing weeds and prevent seeds from germinating.

3. Wet scrubbing

Hose down the patio area, taking care to protect or avoid nearby plants, then get to work scrubbing down the entire surface using a mop and a simple cleaning solution made of dish washing soap and water, switching to a stiff bristle brush for stains.

For stubborn stains you can apply a solution of oxygen bleach and water, while a degreasing agent should remove marks left by a BBQ. After cleaning, allow the solutions to work for up to 10 minutes before carefully rinsing the surface clean.

4. Pressure washing

If you own a pressure washer, this can save you significant time as well as offer your patio a deeper clean. After the initial rinse with a garden hose, move the pressure washer over the surface slowly to remove dirt, grime and stains, taking care to avoid plants, sand and mortar joints. You should check that the level of pressure you are using will not damage your patio surface.

5. Sealing

Concrete and stone patios are usually sealed at the time of installation to prevent water, oil and other moisture penetrating the surface, but this seal doesn't last forever. As a rough guide, patios should be resealed at least every three years to prevent erosion and mould, algae and weed growth, and you should make sure the sealer you buy is safe for use with your patio material.

If you have a wooden deck, the wood will need to be restained regularly to prevent water damage. To check whether your deck needs to be restained, sprinkle water on the surface and observe whether it is absorbed by the wood or pools on the surface.

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