How to Get More Shade for Your Verandah & Pergola

More Australians are discovering the pleasures of outdoor living every summer, but when you're designing your outdoor areas, it's essential to consider how they will be shaded from the sun and protected from wind, rain and other adverse weather. Following are some of the most popular shade solutions for verandahs, pergolas and patios.

Ambient blinds

Versatile, stylish and highly effective, ambient blinds offer higher levels of comfort and privacy compared to standard patio blinds and awnings, with the best products blocking up to 99% of UV rays. With custom sizes and a huge variety of fabrics and colours to choose from, you'll have no trouble finding the perfect blinds to match your home's style and set the right mood in your verandah.

Made from durable fabrics that are resistant to tearing as well as to mould and mildew, ambient blinds are a long-term, low maintenance solution, covered by a five-year parts and maintenance warranty for peace of mind.

Shade sails and canopies

Shade structures are affordable and convenient options for providing temporary shade in uncovered outdoor areas, from open patios and decks to children's play areas. Shade sails offer up to 95% UV protection and are available in diverse colours and styles to match every situation.

The disadvantage of shade sails is that larger sails catch the wind, which can make them more difficult to set up, more prone to damage and reduce their longevity. Custom-designed shade canopies are a more reliable and effective alternative, but also more expensive.

Sunroof verandah

You might not want to block out the sun all the time, which is where all-weather solutions such as the Stratco Outback Sunroof come to the rescue. The rotating louvers can be controlled remotely for total convenience as you adjust the light and shade levels to your preference.

You won't have to worry about letting the rain in, as sensors close the louvers automatically when moisture is detected. Noise won't be a problem either, as insulating foam inside the louvers helps to reduce outside noise levels, and the moving parts have been engineered for whisper quiet operation.

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