How to Host a Classic Aussie BBQ

There’s no better way to spend an Australian summer than to kick back and relax with a BBQ on the veranda . With good food, drinks and company, the BBQ has become a classic Aussie tradition. So why not host one of your own? In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the things you’ll need to keep in mind if you’re hosting a BBQ to ensure everything goes smoothly and your guests have a fantastic time.

Sending invitations

First and foremost, people need to know that your BBQ is happening! In the past you would have had to either rely on a few phone calls or, for bigger events, formal invitations. While either of these methods are still fine, these days there’s a happier medium that is more fitting with the casual nature of a BBQ. If you and your friends all have Facebook accounts (and these days, nearly everyone does!) then why not create a Facebook Event? You can add details such as time, location and what to bring, and the people you can invite will RSVP either ‘Attending’, ‘Maybe Attending’ or ‘Not Attending’.

Be prepared

Preparation is everything when it comes to hosting a BBQ. First and foremost, you’ll need to purchase the food. Beef sausage, steak and marinated chicken are the mainstays of an Aussie BBQ and can all be purchased from your local supermarket. Be sure to grab some bread, sauces and onions so guests can make themselves a sausage or steak sandwich. Sides such as a greek salad or potato salad are also the norm. Remember to grab chips and dips too for snacks before the main food is served. Next you’ll need drinks — stock the fridge with beer, wine and soft drinks, and remember to include a jug of water too.

Once the food is organised, make are that all the other supplies are ready. You’ll need a table and plenty of chairs to sit on; if you don’t have enough for all your guests, ask your neighbours if you can borrow some, or consider hiring. Purchase table cloths, paper plates, napkins, cutlery and cups — after all, your guests can’t eat off the table with their hands!

Extras to remember

Since you’ll most likely be hosting the BBQ in summer when the weather is warm and inviting, it’s important to have a shaded area available in case the heat is too intense. People will love soaking up the sun at first, but eventually they’ll need an area where they can relax and enjoy a bit of cool. Verandas or pergolas are great in this regard, and if you don’t have one already you should consider having one installed before even thinking about hosting a BBQ. It also adds protection against rain, which is always a possibility.

Another big problem with being outdoors in an Aussie summer is the presence of flies. They’re especially attracted to food and will hover around your table, spreading germs and generally annoying your guests. Cover all food that isn’t being used with a tea towel or, even better, a fly net. Provide the guests with some Aerogard, too, to keep flies away.

Last of all, remember to relax and have a great time! Hosting a BBQ can be demanding when the time comes, but most guests will be willing (and even offer) to help out if need be.