How to Renovate on a Budget

Renovating can be a challenge, especially under a budget. Read our tips to figure out how you can get started without blowing the budget.

Renovating your home doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul. It’s important to begin by understanding the difference between structural and cosmetic makeovers.

  • Structural renovations affect the internal foundations of your home and may require rewiring, new plumbing, or hiring building professionals

  • Cosmetic renovations are lighter touch-ups that can be carried out on your own, including adding a fresh coat of paint to a room or landscaping your outdoor area.

By planning which rooms should have changes strategically, you’ll be less likely to splurge on impulsive renovation trends.

Remember that your renovations shouldn’t be just for appearances. All the changes made should complement your everyday routines and patterns. Plan out how you can revamp your living areas for improved functionality.

  • Installing a breakfast bar could add some much-needed counter space

  • Consider putting in extra windows or glass doors to introduce natural light into these spaces

  • For those wanting to show off a backyard or outdoor garden, investing in a deck, patio or veranda allows you to entertain all year round

Renovating your home to suit your lifestyle is an ideal way to ensure you’re not wasting your money on unnecessary changes. Every house is different, so it makes sense to renovate areas of your home that need some extra attention.

Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most important rooms in any house. Kitchens and bathrooms can add the most value to a home, so they are generally the best place to start. This can include purchasing new furniture and fittings, or if you’re up for it, reconfiguring storage options, or a new vanity.

Likewise, the exterior of your home should also be a priority on your renovation list. Bear in mind, having an appealing frontage is important if you ever intend to rent or sell your property in the future.

As mentioned, there are makeover tasks you’ll be able to complete easily on your own or with the help of some friends. It’s also crucial to know when to ask for help. After all, there’s no point spending time and money revamping your home if it isn’t done right the first time.

When planning your renovations, know when you may need professional assistance. Research your options, to ensure you’re getting the most out of your renovation budget. By investing your time and money in the right areas, you’ll have your home looking shiny and new again in no time.