Installing A Portable Hammock

It’s always nice to sit out on your veranda and enjoy some peace and quiet while you relax in an armchair or garden chair of some kind. But these come with their own problems – come winter time when it’s too cold to sit outside you may need to find storage for your outdoor furniture, and if you haven’t got room it can cause problems when it comes to keeping it protected from the elements.

So just imagine being able to lean back and relax in a hammock which you can easily put away in storage once the summer is over – and still be able to get it out in just a few minutes when the weather allows for it again.

Once you’ve mastered the challenge of getting in and out of a hammock you’ll certainly enjoy having one. But not every location is suitable to hang one up permanently – and on a veranda this kind of hammock can really take up a lot of space. If you decide to have friends round for a barbecue it will be more in the way than anything else.

That’s why a portable hammock is a great idea. When you have a few minutes to enjoy your veranda on your own, you can get your portable hammock out and have it set up in minutes. Most of them come in a handy bag which is designed to be carried to the beach if you take it away on vacation with you, so they are ideal for storing away when not in use.

These portable hammocks are close to the ground and are suspended by their own tubular frames, which are easy to put together and locate anywhere on your veranda. So long as you follow the instructions you should have a complete hammock to relax in within minutes of going outside – it really is that simple. If you have a large veranda you may want to buy more than one, so you have room for your partner as well!

As an alternative you can buy a hanging hammock too, which is more like a chair style hammock instead of one that you would lay down in. This isn’t portable however, and requires that you fix it to one of the roof beams of your veranda.

If you decide on this option you will need to ensure the roof is strong enough to take the weight, and it will need to be hung slightly away from the wall to allow for swinging comfortably.

Whatever form of hammock you choose, they will usually be built to withstand the weather if they are left outside, although it is advisable to dismantle your portable hammock and bring it inside when the weather changes or if you think it may rain.

If there are any disadvantages of having a portable hammock at all, it’s that everyone will want to try it! You might even find you have a queue of people lining up to take a turn the next time you have a party.