Patio Fire Pits

The long summer evenings mean we have even more time to enjoy our outdoor spaces, and if you have your own veranda to relax on then you will find it easy to spend more and more time outside in the fresh air.

Of course this kind of area is just the beginning of how to enjoy your garden. It takes a few finishing touches to really make it desirable and more stunning to the eye. One great example of how to make the most of your patio area or veranda is by adding a fire pit to your overall design.

Fire pits are exactly what they sound like – a manmade pit in which you can build a roaring fire to keep you warm during the late summer evenings. But instead of being built on the ground they are now designed in a modern way, using materials such as stainless steel and cast iron to create a free standing structure that can be placed wherever you wish.

Styles vary considerably, ranging from ultra modern designs to more basic fire pits are more traditional in appearance. Some of them also have built in grills which allow you to use them as a simple kind of barbecue – and there is nothing quite like tasting a burger cooked over a flaming fire pit!

A fire pit will make your outdoor patios even more user friendly than it is at the moment. They give off a lot of heat, enabling you to stay outdoors far longer into the evening than you may be able to do otherwise. You might also want to light it during the day if it is a bit chilly and you still want to sit outside for a while.

Many fire pits have mesh covers that sit over the top, but even those that do still get very hot while in use (and for some time after the flames are put out). This means you need to be particularly careful if there are any children playing nearby. It can be a good idea to situate the fire pit well away from any play area, or anywhere too close to a doorway or step where an accident is more likely to occur.

Fire pits are very safe provided they are located in the right place and used properly, but it is always advisable to follow a few simple rules to ensure that nothing untoward occurs. For example make sure you don’t place it too close to any other structure, otherwise there is a risk of scorching and burning. Another point to bear in mind is that while the wood inside the pit is burning, none of it should be hanging over the edge of the pit itself. It should all be sitting safely inside it.

One final point is to make sure your plants are safe. It’s easy to forget the presence of hanging baskets containing flowers that trail down outside of them. Even if they don’t actually burn, many flowers don’t enjoy extreme heat like this and you may end up losing some of them if the fire pit is too close by.