Should You Pave Beyond Your Patio?

Upgrading your outdoor area will usually start with installing some sort of cover for your entertainment area. You can choose from patios and other forms of cover and you will usually have this paved underneath. This allows you to easily keep the area cleaning with sweeping, or with a pressure cleaner. It is also important to note that because an area is covered there may not be enough light to keep grass growing strongly.

While patios, pergolas and other outdoor covering are suited for paving do you need to extend this beyond your covered area? The answer will be quite personal and usually depend on the look, style and usage you get from your outdoor area. Some people simple love lawns and so the thought of paving over all of it is simply not possible.

Paving a Covered Area

Paving under a covered area such as a patio, pergola or awning will make for a more even surface which is ideal for entertaining. It is best to have your outdoor covering installed first so that you do not have your paving damaged during construction. This is particularly important if you plan to use better paving such as slate, which can be marked, or sandstone that can be broken more easily.

Paving an Uncovered Area

If you do want to do away with your lawn area or have old pavers it is a good idea to install some pavings outside, around or leading to you outdoor area. You do not have to pave the entire area as you can place paths through high traffic areas instead. This means you can have the best of both worlds and retain soft grass for the kids to play on.

Improving Your Outdoor Areas

Adding a covered area for entertainment (and for play if you have children) will not only instantly improve your outdoor area but should also increase the value of your home. Even if you are thinking of selling up it is an easy way to quickly and cheaply renovate. Covered areas under pergolas, patios or verandas are perfect for setting up the BBQ with some chairs and a table for entertaining friends and family.

Easy Maintenance Options

As mentioned, paving instead of grass areas can make it easier to maintain your backyard. While some may be proud of their lawn others will probably see mowing it as a chore. You can also take away unsightly ‘tracks’ through your lawn by creating paths with either pavers, concrete or pebbles. Taking care of your paved undercover area will usually involve a little sweeping but for best results you should use a surface cleaner and a pressure spray which uses much less water than a regular hose.

Paving beyond your under cover area is a highly personal choice and you need your entire yard to work together. Make sure you think about styles and colours (including that of your pergola or patio) so that your outdoor area ties together. Also be careful not to choose too dark a paver if it will be exposed to the sun as they will heat up and be hard to walk on barefoot. Good luck with your outdoor renovations!