Sunroof Pergola Review

There are lots of different types of patios and pergolas to suit your needs but one of the best types you can find these days is the sunroof style ones. These allow you to open up your outdoor area to a bit of light or closing it off if it is too hot or if it starts raining during that important party. With this style of outdoor covering your plants and parties will benefit from having an adjustable roof.

Benefits of a Sunroof

the benefits of a standard pergola are clear: protection against the sun, protection against the rain and an attractive addition to any home. A sunroof pergola will give you ultimate control over your outdoor environment. Instead of not having enough light in winter months you can open up your roof and let the sun shine in.

This also means that in the summer time you can let the sun warm up the paving in the morning and then close off the roof to keep it cool in the middle of the day. It also means much brighter and fun parties and BBQ in your backyard. You can have the rood open for some lovely sun, and if the inevitable storm comes through you can simply grab the remote and close it off to protect your guests from the rain.

Incorporating Plants

Having a sunroof pergola will allow you to have healthier and happier plants in your outdoor area. Often, plants in undercover areas suffer from a lack of water if you forget to look after them. With a sunroof pergola you can open up your outdoor areas to let your plants get a good natural watering when it rains.

This can save you having to run around and water all your undercover outdoor plants by hand. The only other option is to install a complicated automatic watering system which is very difficult unless you know what you’re doing. It also means you will have greater choice when it comes to what kind of plants will survive in your outdoor area.

Cost Comparisons

While adding a sunroof to your pergola may cost you a little bit more the price difference is not huge considering the added features. Considering the basic frame and structure will be the same costs you are only paying extra for an adjustable roof. The hardiness of the sunroof features will also make it worth the extra cost.

Added House Value

One of the best reasons to have a sunroof pergola installed is the improvement it will bring to your house value. The basic costs of having it installed will be easily recouped by adding to the resale value of your home. It will also make your home more easy to sell especially if you have a nice backyard to accompany it.

A sunroof pergola is easily adjustable and usually comes with a remote control. This means very little hassles when you have to adjust your roof. It will also impress friends and family that are over for a get together as you seamlessly open or close the roof to the desired setting.