The Perfect Outdoor Dinner Party

As the Australian summer quickly approaches, welcoming perfect summer nights should always begin with an outdoor dinner party. Wining and dining your nearest and dearest in your very own space is an occasion that always generates the best of times. To ensure that your outdoor dinner party goes accordingly, take these following factors in consideration:


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Hosting an outdoor party can leave you with weather doubts. To avoid any disruptions, ensure that:

  • Your chosen night is declared clear of extreme heat, rain or high speed winds

  • You take pre-cautions in case there are last minute weather changes (ensure your veranda, patio or outdoor setting is equipped with weatherproof covers)

  • Have a back-up plan; have an indoor space available if a move is necessary

Food and Beverages

Summer nights always calls for refreshing dishes and drinks.

Food wise, aim for light meals such as fresh healthy salads, chilled soups as well as a variety of fruit and cold cut meat platters.

For drinks, aim to please your crowd by providing their favourite beers, wines and spirits pre-chilled. To cater for all guest preferences, make sure there are homemade non-alcoholic cocktails and lemon infused water available.

To please your guests further, set-up a small corner dedicated to light deserts such as mini pavlovas, an assortment of airy cakes and desert cheeses.


The simplest touch can make a world of difference. Aim for a consistent theme throughout and apply added personalised details such as hanging Polaroid photos of your guests, your favourite flowers or a welcome message on a chalk board. Remember that simplicity is the key and a little definitely goes a long way.


In order to set the perfect summer mood, compile a playlist of upbeat, feel-good music that will get your outdoor party started and flowing into the night. Alternatively, a mix of soft instrumental, soulful music can serve as the perfect background for a mellow and relaxed night.


Lastly, as the host, don’t get too caught up in running around – be sure to have fun! A gathering is all about creating memories, enjoying good company and celebrating life. Work hard, play hard.