The Ultimate Outdoor BBQ Area

While you might have renovated the inside of your home, you may not have improved the exterior. Adding value to your home with verandas can give you a great feature and make it a big selling point if you decide to move. Plus, in summer you have somewhere to entertain and relax with friends and family.

So what exactly makes up a perfect BBQ area in Australia?

  • Open air with a nice breeze running through.

  • Coverage to provide protection from the sun.

  • A beautiful garden or feature plants.

  • And a big BBQ of course!

Making Your Outdoor Area Open

You may want to have the option of having an enclosed outdoor area but when it comes to summer you might regret it. One great option is a convertible outdoor area that you can change according to the weather. Roll or pull down curtains and sides are great additions to new or existing pergolas.

Finding the Right Barbecue

You may be tempted to just get the biggest and best barbie but this can be a mistake. Figure out what kind of space you have to work with first. Once you have measured your outdoor area choose a BBQ that will give you enough space to still entertain but also cook enough food for all your friends.

A BBQ with gas is much easier to get started.

Consider the possible smoke and heat caused by a BBQ. If your BBQ is too big it may be a problem.

You can cook many of your meals outdoors in summer and most new BBQs will allow you to do roasts.

If you don’t always use a BBQ make sure you can wheel it away or have a good cover to keep it from rusting.

Adding Plants to Your Pergola!

While it is tempting to try for a ‘modern’ design for your outdoor area with just pavers and a covering, it is easy to add a bit of greenery too. Adding plants will also help cool down the area and you can choose plants that will highlight your choice of colouring. If you are not a green thumb then simply choose some of the low maintenance plants that look great in designer pots.

Here are a few low maintenance varieties that should suit your BBQ area:

  • Bromeliads – Come in a large variety of colours, shapes and sizes and very hard to kill.

  • Ferns – they require a bit more water but once established will look great.

  • Palms – You can put in some small palms and they are very suitable for pots.

Be Bug Safe

Summer is the time of the fly and mosquito and they can ruin your outdoor BBQ area. Make sure you have some mosquito coils or something similar. You can also help keep mosquito levels down by making sure there is no stagnant water near your home, especially in your BBQ area!

What if it is Cold?

A cold weather BBQ area is very easy to put together and can be done by using your existing outdoor covered area. Check out some outdoor heaters as well as adjustable side walls for your veranda or pergola. This way you can use your outdoor areas in all weather and seasons, not just in summer.