Top 3 Outdoor Design Styles for Summer

Looking to design a fantastic outdoor entertaining area? While house design can vary with time, there are some classic looks that never seem to go out of fashion, especially when it comes to outdoor spaces. If you’re looking to put together fabulous alfresco area consider these three styles:

Sleek and modern outdoor design


A sleek and modern backyard incorporates smooth lines, modern materials such as steel and glass, topped off with some low maintenance plants. Sleek and modern outdoor spaces are becoming more and more popular as they look beautiful and are easy to maintain.

Outdoor covering ideas: if you’re opting for this type of look in your backyard, your best option when it comes to an outdoor covering is sturdy steel pergola in a colour to match the rest of your backyard. Go for a neutral sandstone option or you even go for a more industrial look with polished concrete.

Vegetation: if you’re going for a modern and minimalist approach for your backyard, as a general rule of (green) thumb, you’ll choose soft edged but tough leafed variety of plant such as a bromeliad or other hard leaf variety. These plants are hardier than other varieties and will usually require less water and less attention. So you spend less time looking after your plants and more of your time relaxing in your sunny backyard!

The rustic outdoor living area


If you consider yourself a traditionalist, then you’re all about timber decking and a beautiful patio that opens out into your lush garden; the perfect spot to enjoy your afternoon cuppa. When you’re going for a more traditional and rustic approach, think earthy colours, plenty of wood and a well-trimmed lawn.

Outdoor covering ideas: wooden patios are the classic outdoor entertainment space. You can choose a natural timber frame or you can coat it with a slick of paint so that it matches your home. Find the best location for your patio site, you can enjoy plenty of sunshine.

Vegetation: nothing is more traditional than a lush lawn. It’s the perfect space for the kids to play cricket or if you want to string up a hammock for a bit of a well-earned snooze. If you have a bit of a green thumb, you can try planting some beautifully traditional flowers such as azaleas, lilacs, or even a lavender bush for extra fragrance. For furniture, there’s nothing more rustic than wicker.

The great Aussie backyard & garden


Enjoy the great Aussie backyard barbecue in your perfect outdoor space. Australia’s wide variety of native plants has developed unique abilities to withstand our harsh climate – and they look stunning too.

Outdoor covering ideas: to weather our harsh weather conditions, a steel framed pergola is the perfect addition to your outdoor space. You can pair this with beautiful timber decking sourced locally from a native Australian hardwood, such as blackbutt or spotted gum.

Vegetation: Native Australian plants are drought resistant and require little water so they’re easy to care for. Some colourful options include bottlebrushes, daisies or a variety of goodenias. You might also want to try and grow a citrus tree or two, there’s nothing better than enjoying the literal fruits of your labour.

Oh and don’t forget the Hills Hoist!

What’s your favourite outdoor design?