Top 4 Reasons to Put Up a Carport

Improving and updating the exterior of a home often consists of several projects over the years. Whether it’s pergolas, gardens or gutters, home improvements are just a part of home maintenance. While some of these things can be fixed in a jiffy and at low cost, some of the larger projects might take a little more consideration. Perhaps you’re wondering if you should put in a garage or simply install a carport?

Cost – a good reason to install a carport instead of building a garage is cost. Carports can be installed at a fraction of the cost of a more solid structure while retaining the same properties. There are three tiers of cost with carports; firstly is getting a company to design and install a carport, second is getting a contract to build one, and finally you can purchase a kit and do it yourself. Depending on your requirements and budget, you will be able to solve your storage and shelter problems.

Versatile – carports can actually somewhat more versatile than a garage. A garage is more of another room to your house. A garage is fixed and fully enclosed. A carport on the other hand can be moved if you have chosen a portable one. A carport can also be an open structure that can include a trellis for gardening and privacy. A carport can be as enclosed or open as you wish and can be incorporated into your outdoor space by matching colour and landscaping concepts. You can put potted plants and trees or creeping vines and hanging baskets to complement your outdoor area.

Protection – Obviously a garage will protect your car and belongings but if you can’t afford a garage, a carport is the next best thing. Carports can range from the portable and affordable to fixed and more costly. Either way a carport is going to do the same job as a garage, and that is to protect your second biggest asset, your car. A carport will prevent falling leaves, debris, rain and sun from damaging your car.

Shelter – Carports can provide a more spacious undercover area than a garage. Garages are often poorly lit and their area fixed and usually limited, considering doors, windows and storage. A carport however can be a simple shelter structure that is open on all sides and this can provide a wonderful area for entertaining. You can string fairy lights or party lights all around or you can hang lanterns or place tiki torches around the perimeter for a party atmosphere. You can train vines up lattice and trellis for a lovely garden feel or simply fill the edges with potted plants and trees. The options are endless and with the free flow of air and natural light, plants will thrive.

So, when you’re looking at your budget after you’ve done the gardens and verandas and think you can only afford a carport, don’t despair. Sometimes a carport is the better option. Carports give greater flexibility, affordability and sensibility.