Types Of Hanging Outdoor Plants

One of the best parts of having a garden is that you can build up a wonderful array of foliage and flowers to brighten it up all the year round. From a lush green lawn, to wonderful vibrant flowerbeds and planters, there is a lot you can do to transform an otherwise lifeless garden into a stunning swathe of scenery to look at and enjoy all year round.

If you have an outdoor pergola or other structure that you want to liven up a bit, you might think that you are restricted to having a variety of pots scattered here and there, but don’t forget the power of hanging plants to soften up the whole thing as well.

Hanging baskets make a great addition to any home, and you can use them in a number of ways to create different effects. The types of plants you use make a lot of difference to the final result, so choose carefully and plan the contents of each one before you begin.

Lobelia is a good choice since it comes in several different colours and trails profusely out of anything you put it in. The small bright flowers are quite stunning and if you put more than one colour in a single basket you hardly need anything else in with it to complete the look.

You may not think that geraniums are a good choice for a hanging basket but if you plant them in the centre of the arrangement they grow upwards and provide size and form as well as gorgeous colour. Vireya rhododendrons are another fine choice if you can keep them well watered, as they are a tropical plant.

If you want to bulk out the basket with some greenery hanging down for good effect, then don’t dismiss the staple varieties of ivy that are available. These make a wonderful choice if you want to have that long trailing effect that looks so good in any kind or size of basket.

As a general rule pick plants that will either remain fairly small in size, or are known for their ability to grow over the sides of their containers. The secret to keeping them looking good at all times is to water them well. During hot weather you should water your baskets in the morning, before the sun has a chance to get really hot, and also in the evening once the baskets are out of direct sunlight. If you miss even a day doing this you will notice the difference.

It is also important to select plants that are native to and lovers of the particular climate in your local area. What may flourish in one garden could wilt and die in another, so make your choices carefully and ask for advice at your local garden center if you can.

With practice you will soon be designing stunning hanging baskets for your veranda that everyone will stop to admire. And you’ll get months of enjoyment out of them too.