What Is A Carport?

If you don't have a garage, or your garage is already being used for another vehicle or as valuable storage space, carports are an affordable alternative that will still keep your car safe from the elements.

Why install a carport?

With their open sides, carports are less secure than garages but still offer comparable protection for your vehicle from the sun, rain and other adverse weather. Carports have many advantages over garages too, including:

  • Better ventilation

  • Cheaper and quicker to install

  • Greater diversity in styles, colours and materials

  • Doubles up as outdoor entertaining and storage space

  • Subject to fewer building restrictions

What types of carports are there?

Carports are usually open air, roofed structures, but you can still find a wide range of options when selecting the type of carport that's best suited for your vehicles, your home and your budget. Carports can be:

  • Attached to an exterior wall or freestanding

  • Open or closed design with one or more walls

  • Permanent installations or portable kits

You can also choose the type of roof that best matches your climate and your taste, from flat roofs to curved, gable and pergola styles.

What are carports made of?

Whether you prefer the rustic look of a wooden frame or the strength and durability of metal, it's important to choose quality materials for your carport that will stand the test of time.

Steel carports are recommended for their high strength, but if you are installing a temporary or portable carport, aluminium offers a lighter weight while still being resistant to damage from fire, water and pests, as well as a wider range of colour options.