What Is A Gazebo Used For?

Gazebos make attractive additions to gardens and parks, but these versatile structures aren't merely ornamental. Here are five ways gazebos can be used to enhance your outdoor living experience.

1. Admiring the view

Since ancient times, the open-walled gazebo has been designed to offer uninterrupted, panoramic views of gardens, ponds and other nature scenes. While a gazebo can be attractive in itself, its location should be chosen with care to make sure you're getting the best possible views when relaxing in your garden.

2. Outdoor dining

If your gazebo is large enough to accommodate a table and furniture, this sheltered area makes the perfect spot for al fresco dining. Installing a gazebo close to your house or barbecue will avoid long journeys when gathering supplies.

3. Social events

You'll never have to worry about the weather spoiling your plans when inviting friends and family over to your sheltered gazebo. With your guests seated around the perimeter, you can be sure you'll have everyone's attention, whether you're hosting a wedding reception or live music.

4. Fitness room

Why spend money on a gym membership when you can work out at home, enjoying the views and cooling off in the fresh breeze? Most gazebos are large enough to house fitness equipment, or you can go even further and install a hot tub gazebo to relax and soothe your muscles while gazing at the stars.

5. Adding value

Last but not least, a gazebo is an investment in your home that will instantly increase its sale value for the future, as long as you make sure to choose quality materials and a style that matches your house and garden.

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