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3 Wet Weather Garden Activities for the Kids

Wet weather spells trouble for mums everywhere. The odd rainy day can be a blessing, but days of unrelenting rain can get pretty horrible for families with small children. When you have run out of inside activities for the kids, sometimes, there’s nothing left to do but take them outside, in the rain. Verandas or patios this can make things a lot easier, as there are some great wet weather garden activities you can prepare for kids when it’s raining. But be warned, playing outside in wet weather means a bit of mess. So be prepared with towels and a warm bath after play time and you will be able to let loose and enjoy a bit of rainy day fun.

  1. Powdered Dye
  2. Depending on what you have in your backyard, you can have a bit of fun in the rain with powdered dye. If you don’t have cement, pavers or light coloured tiles, then you can simply use some paper.
    Under shelter, in the dry, shake some powdered dye out on to either some paper or onto the patio floor. At first you’ll think it’s not much to look at but once the rain starts hitting it watch the colours swell and make a wonderful colourful floor pattern. If your patio doesn’t get the rain hitting it, then have the kids collect the rain water in buckets and pour it over the colours.

    Or you could even try spraying the dye with water sprayers and do it slowly. Which ever way to choose to experiment with this dye, you will be fascinated by the depth and variety of colours that will form.

    A note to keep things clean and tidy, this dye stays on hands for a while, so pop on some rubber gloves to handle. Make sure you wash the area well with water when you have finished to dilute the colours as much as possible. They will eventually disappear.

  3. Mud Pies
  4. If you have an uncover area in your backyard, then drag out the kids table and chairs and set them up with some kitchen utensils, bowls and pans. Go out to the muddiest section of the garden and collect a bucket full of mud, or two. Give it to the kids and let them make mud pies, mud muffins and mud cookies with their little fingers.

    For safety reasons, make sure you scrub their hands and nails well afterwards, to remove all traces of mud and dirt.

  5. Puddles
  6. When you’re out and about with a child who loves to jump into puddles on a rainy day, it feels like you’re the fun police. So, be the fun guy for once and send your child out in the rain to jump in the puddles and enjoy the rain. If you are concerned about safety, sharp rocks or just mess, then pop them into their gumboots and a raincoat and let them splash in the biggest puddles they can find.

Covered pergolas or verandas do help when it comes to wet weather activities, because it means you can enjoy the rain and muddy mess and not have to worry about bringing too much of it inside!

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