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4 Great Ideas for Decorating Your Veranda

With the warmer weather in full swing, Aussies everywhere are enjoying the great doors. Spending time in the back yard is a great way to soak up the sunshine and get some fresh air. Many Aussies love to spend time splashing in pools or barbecuing on pergolas, or maybe sipping on a cool drink in a favourite shady spot.

There’s nothing finer than being in your back yard when it’s been decorated to your own tastes. Perhaps you might prefer the look of a hammock and some Oriental throw cushions or maybe sleek teak is more your type of look. No matter what your style, read on for some great decorating tips for your patio.

  • Set up a café style chairs and table in a cosy corner of your veranda. Wrought iron and mosaic can lend a bohemian look, with a splash of colour. Place a wrought iron sconce on the wall nearby and fill with coloured candles and votives. Throw an Aztec style rug on the floor rich with reds and oranges and you will have created the perfect corner for a cup of tea and quiet read, or a chat with a friend.
  • A water feature is a popular point of interest in many Australian gardens. Something about the tinkle of the water is soothing to the senses and it provides a wonderful focal point for the design concept. Position your water feature in a corner somewhere, to avoid it become a centrepiece and more of an interesting feature. Arrange some floor cushions near the water feature and a low-lying wooden coffee table. Or perhaps a day bed placed along side the water feature might suit your home better. Put some interesting magazines on the table and a tray containing a water jug and glasses. You could use a pewter or decorative silver tray and place an Indian or Moroccan inspired water jug and glasses.
  • A day bed is the perfect focal point for an urban oasis. In warm wooden tones of teak or stained cane and finished off with plump, textured cushion, a day bed will be a quiet place for reading or relaxing. Urban gardens often contain plants that are native or require little water, so complement this look by placing pots of succulents on and around the veranda.
  • When arranging plants around your veranda, be careful to steer away from linear and symmetric placement. Rather, place clusters of pots in corners and off to the sides. Group together different sizes of pots and plants to get a nice array of foliage and plenty of greenery to fill the area. Keep the pots in either one kind of material or hue. For example a group of different kinds of terracotta pots may look nice, or a collection of shiny, glazed pots in one kind of colour. Mixing too many different kinds will result in a motley, unrefined aesthetic.

Verandas everywhere too often suffer from poor planning in terms decoration. Do a little research on line and find a concept that suits your home and your taste and stick to the guidelines they offer. A simple rule of thumb is to keep things simple.

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