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4 Landscaping Suggestions – Thinking Ahead and Maintenance

Good landscaping should mean easy and less maintenance in the future. The problem of this many of don’t think about that when we are planning or working on our new garden ideas. I know this from working in garden management and have had deal with many of the same problems over and over again. Here are some ideas and suggestions around your home patio, pergola and gardens to help you start thinking on how to make your outdoor areas near maintenance free.

Mowing. The most common mistake is not leaving enough space for a lawn mower and creating hard to get at places that you will have to mow. Curved surfaces and not angles are good for a lawn mowers. If you have large areas to cut and using a ride on lawn mower, you will really understand what we are talking about. With a ride-on, reversing is painful, and turning circles are limited. If you first draw up your plan and then take measurements of your mower, knowing its limitations, you can modify your design to make it very easy and a joy to manage in the future. Your grass shape should be designed almost like a racing track for your ride-on. Your landscaping might have looked great in the beginning but when it comes to maintenance, you might find another situation completely. Save your self a lot of work in the future.

Rain and drainage. Everyone thinks they think of drainage until there is a large amount of water. Flowing water will create damage like you have never seen. Small trickles can create deep gullies destroying much of you work. A flooded veranda, patio or pergola area is not much fun. You planned for it to run off into a flower bed and now that wont take any more water. Think of drainage right the way out of your property. Many people only look at drainage in small areas. The reality is ground will become sodden fast, and if you have not prepared a clear drainage path which water automatically follows, damage and annoyance is assured. Set up drainage to take water away from your property and create a set of small dams if you wish to store some of that water before it leaves for other purposes.

Edges. They make a huge amount of work for maintaining a clean garden and landscaped look. Your lawnmower will never be able to cut cleanly around the bottom of trees and other hard rock or brick edges you may create. Think about how close you want your lawn and gardens to be. A flower bed around the base of trees or even a rock bed can be a great solution. The best way is to avoid a garden or lawn edge that cannot be maintained simply by a lawnmower.

Other. Mulch is a great way to minimise work in garden beds as it will keep pesky weeds from growing rampantly between your plants. Rock gardens if done well can be very appealing to the eye and very low maintenance. Use the force of gravity and shape all areas outside of you home including driveways, carports and other common areas so that they can be cleaned with minimal water spray and so that different areas in your home work together.

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