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5 Fantastic Backyard Projects

If you find yourself with a little bit of time on the weekend and want to spruce up your backyard a little, take a look at these five easy backyard projects for a bit of inspiration. From having a veranda built to DIY projects such as making your own vegetable garden, these ideas are bound to get your creative juices flowing.

Build a veranda
A veranda is a covered area outside of your home, usually connected to the house, which can be used for hosting parties, dinners or just for relaxing with the family. If you have a bit of space in your backyard and don’t already have a veranda, you’re missing out on a great opportunity. A veranda is a great Australian tradition and you can use it to set up a table and chairs, some comfy outdoor lounges or a BBQ to use for fun outdoor dinners.

Install a sandpit

If you have children then a sandpit can be the perfect DIY project for the summer. You don’t need a lot of space — two square metres is plenty — and the kids will love their new play area. Try and find a shaded area but one that won’t fall victim to falling items, such as underneath a fruit tree. Cut some timber sleepers to your chosen size and fasten them using galvanised nails or spikes. Once the sleepers have been laid, begin excavating the area inside the pit — it doesn’t have to be super deep. Then fill with sand, which you can usually get from your local major hardware store.

Add some lawn furniture

Furniture doesn’t only have to be located indoors. Outdoor furniture, more commonly known as "lawn furniture", can add beauty and a sense of homeliness to your backyard when used correctly. Whether they’re located on verandas, beneath gazebos or pergolas or simply underneath trees, there is a wide range of lawn furniture available for all types of backyards. Head to your local major hardware store or furniture store and you should find a great selection.

Build a veggie garden

The most obvious thing to remember is to choose a place that gets plenty of sun — there’s no point building a veggie garden in the shade as the vegetables will not thrive. It also shouldn’t compete with the root system of large trees and shrubs for nutrients. Additionally, make sure it’s not too big — no more than twice the length of your arm is a good measure, as any more than this and you’ll have a hard time reaching the vegetables in the middle. Once you’ve chosen the area, dig the soil up, add compost and manure to make the soil rich, and then add soil conditioner and slow release fertiliser. Then plant your veggies!

Hang a chair or hammock

Nothing adds character to your garden more simply and efficiently than a good hanging chair. You can purchase these from your local major hardware store or furniture store. Some may be on free-standing structures, while others can be hung from veranda or pergola beams, or even the low branch of a sturdy tree (if you have such a tree available). Whichever structure you choose to hang the chair, ensure it is sturdy, and use chains to ensure the chair is well connected to the structure.

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