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5 Reasons to Install a Veranda

The typical home of a young family will have at least three or four residents, all wanting their own space to do what they want. As the kids get older and start to want more independence, your average four-bedroom home can seem…well…a little cramped. Adding a veranda or pergola to your house creates, in essence, an extra room, which means that not only will the kids be able to spread out a little more, but the parents will be able to retreat outdoors to escape, which, when you have teenagers, is an essential aspect of family living! Here, we outline five great ways you could use a new veranda in your home.


Because we enjoy such a great climate here in Australia, dining ‘alfresco’ has become something we’ve adopted from the Italians. A veranda or pergola is essentially another dining room–all it needs is some basic outdoor furniture and voila–your family has an enjoyable alternative to eating dinner inside.


Following on from utilising your new veranda as a dining room, it can prove an excellent entertaining space as well! Barbecues, parties, drinks and dinners can all be more enjoyable when they take place in the great outdoors, with a beautiful deck and stunning veranda to enhance the setting. If you enjoy entertaining, a veranda can change the game significantly, with more room, less worry about mess and a generally fun atmosphere your friends and neighbours will be drawn to.


Being ‘at one’ with nature isn’t always as relaxing as it seems. The ground is hard, there’s no electricity and fear of creepy crawlies usually wins out! With a veranda, you can enjoy nature and the outdoors while remaining perfectly comfortable–with furniture, lights and even music to aide in said relaxation. There’s little that compares to sitting out with a cool breeze and the sound of the birds while you watch the world go by with that special someone…


Kids need an area to play, and a veranda can provide just that, while ensuring they stay close to the house and in sight while they’re at it. You can even hang a swing from one of the beams and create their very own sheltered playground.


Let’s be shallow for just a moment and think simply about the way a veranda or pergola  can transform the look of your home. Not only does it make an attractive enhancement, but when the time comes to sell, prospective buyers will be impressed by the ‘complete’ feel it lends to a home.

There are so many reasons to add a veranda to your home. We’ve just outlined five, but there is not limit to the ways a veranda can enhance your home and your family’s enjoyment.

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