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5 Ways to Spend a Lazy Sunday Afternoon

After a hard working week, the weekend is supposed to be a time to unwind. But for many of us, even our weekends are choc full of tasks and activities. Before we know it, the weekend is over and we’re back to the grind. But relaxation is not only enjoyable; it is crucial to a healthy life. Every weekend, you should — at the very least — take a lazy Sunday afternoon to kick back and enjoy some of the simpler things in life. Whether it’s enjoying some quiet time on the veranda or taking the family out for a picnic, your mind, body and soul will thank you for it. Here, we look at five ideas of how to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Bathing by the pool

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard — and if the weather is warm enough — then bathing in and by the pool is one of the best ways to wile away the hours and relax yourself. Dive straight in for an instant and refreshing cool-down and try a few casual laps up and down the length. Invest in a floating device that you can sit on and treat yourself to a nice cocktail or fruit drink while reading a book — the weightless feeling will be fantastic. If not, rest on a beach chair to the side of the pool and soak up the rays, or if you don’t have one of those, simply laying a towel on the ground with a pillow can be just as nice. Most importantly, remember to wear sunscreen — nothing will ruin your Monday morning like terrible sunburn.

Head to the beach

If you don’t have a pool and you live near enough to the beach, head down there and try much of the same. You can place a towel down and sunbathe on the soft, warm sand, getting up every now and then to dip in the water and cool off before doing it all over again. Invite a few friends along and make a day of it; you can stop in for some cheap eats at a nearby fish and chips shop, bring a ball to throw around on the sand or in the water, or grab a surfboard and catch some waves. Again, remember to lather up with sunscreen to avoid burns.

Have a picnic

This is a particularly good choice for families, but it also works if you have a good group of friends and everyone is looking for a fun way to kill time on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Stop by the local supermarket and grab a few basic supplies — some cheeses, crackers, chips and dips are always a good start, as well as some drinks to enjoy. Bring a large blanket or mat and find a nice local park with green grass and plenty of shade. For bonus points, bring along an iPod dock or mini-stereo to play some light, relaxing tunes and wile away the hours with great conversation.

Sit in the shade

Moving back to the backyard, and the best way to spend a lazy sunday afternoon is often the simplest. Find a nice, shady spot in your backyard and relax with a good book, some easy tunes, or any other hobby you can enjoy while sitting down. If you have a veranda, you’ll appreciate the pure joy of lazing about in your own little corner of the world. Alternatively, you could have pergolas , gazebos or even large trees to provide you with shade. Whatever you’ve got, make the most of it and enjoy rejuvenating in the calm of a Sunday afternoon.

Cook up a BBQ

Throughout the week we’re always in such a hurry that we tend to spend our money on fast foods and quick, microwave dinners. A lazy Sunday afternoon, however, is the perfect time to take a little bit longer and enjoy the process of preparing food. Whether it’s with the family, a group of friends you’ve invited over or simply on your own, anybody can throw a few sausages and steaks on the BBQ and enjoy a hearty meal.

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