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7 Ideas to Make Your Outdoor Area a Real Entertainment Location

Have you ever wanted to create that ultimate outdoor entertainment area but are not sure how to go about it? Are you someone who loves to throw parties at home? Do you have an under-utilised patio and pergola and are wondering what you could do with it. This is the simple guide to making your home the most popular and cost effective centre of fun and entertainment amongst your friends and family. 7 great ideas on making your outdoor area into a real entertainment location.

Bar. A bar is probably a good idea for any adult focused home. Central round bars can be very functional and effective for both dining and more boisterous occasions. Make sink areas and areas for ice if you want to go avoid electrical and other power needs. A bar can be an addition to existing barbecue ideas, and the portable bar is just as feasible as barbecues.

Stage. A stage can be build in many forms. It could be a centre piece. It could be to one side. You could make portable units or build into the ground. A stage has many other uses when you are not hosting an event or a band is playing. It could be easily converted into a lazy space with a durable outdoor mattress, to lay-down and relax on summer days.

DJ booth. Is an easy addition. A tall rectangular object for your sound equipment needs. If you are looking have wild outdoor pool parties, go the whole way, and get yourself a set of professional decks – CD versions and mixing equipment is readily purchased.

Lighting. Gone are the days where lighting was the realm of your electrician. There is no need to settle for that solitary light globe or converted flood-light. Every home handyman store is loaded with outdoor lighting products and lighting effect switches. Use dimmer switches to create intimate and romantic dining scenes. Use coloured and phased lighting for birthday parties. Cheap and easy to install. Don’t forget strong lights to focus on the stage!

Dining/Seating. Can be permanent or removable fixtures depending on the nature of your entertainment space. Are you one that likes to have lavish dinner parties or dancing competitions? You will always need good seating. A large dining table will never go to waste, and can always be used as a smorgasbord setting for casual barbecues.

Sound. There is no need to drag your expensive sound equipment in and out of your house. All handyman stores have a great range of outdoor speakers for patios, pergolas, pool sides and gardens. What a better way to create that seductive environment with great background music or get your birthday speech heard.

Toilets. If you are planning regular parties with a number of people, think ahead – do you want all those people going in and out of your house? Consult restaurant magazines for practical common toilet ideas. A small amount of plumbing additions and you can create a very practical addition that you will not regret.

Maybe 20 or 30 years ago, creating a versatile and functional entertainment space in your home was costly, and professional help was required. With the spread of DIY guides and a variety of once specialist products, now readily available at very affordable prices, anyone can create a fully functional entertainment space, even out of carport or veranda, in their home.

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