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Rocky Smith








Rocky loves spending time with his family, and likes nothing more than to unwind after a long hard day by cooking and creating amazing dinners for his wife and 3 children any chance he can. His passion for cooking is almost as strong as his love of building with Install a Veranda.

Rocky Smith is Install-A-Veranda’s leading Design Consultant which has earned him the title “Senior Design Consultant”. His passion and natural flare for designing has been an asset to many of his clients transforming 1000’s of Melbourne back yards in to amazing outdoor living areas.

Rocky first entered the home improvement industry in 1997 as a window furnishings consultant, then in 1999 he moved into a role as an “in home” Concrete Swimming Pool Designer where he exceeded his customers and employers expectations. He has now been working for Install-A-Veranda for over 5 years and his attention for detail and genuine care for his clients has been the foundation to his success.

It is due to Rocky’s vast experience in doing several major renovations to his homes over the years that has enabled him to acquire unique vision and allows him to transform areas into functional but still captivating spaces. It is this experience that allows for well-designed areas with consideration for potential planned and unplanned additions in the future.
Be assured you are in safe hands with Rocky as he will go out of his way to ensure your happiness and a positive experience is achieved with Install-A-Veranda.