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Adding Value to a Home With a Veranda

If you are looking to sell your home in the near future and you haven’t currently got a veranda, you might want to think about adding one before your house goes up for sale.

Adding a veranda not only increases the attractiveness of your garden, it also increases its versatility. It provides a shaded spot to enjoy the delights of the summer weather and the garden as a whole, and it can even add the feeling of having another room – albeit outdoors – that the new owners can enjoy.

A veranda has several advantages over the other option of having a conservatory built. Firstly it is much cheaper, which makes it a good bet if you are looking to make improvements to your home without spending too much money.

Secondly it is much quicker and easier to build, yet it still adds that feeling of creating an extra space in your garden in which you can relax and stay out of the sun if necessary. It is also far more versatile than a conservatory; within the basic designs of flat roofed, curved roof and hip end verandas, for example, you can pretty much have any size and shape veranda you like.

All of which means you can really enhance the appearance of both your house and your garden, by choosing the exact size for your needs and desires.

Adding a veranda to your home also adds value in more than one way. Purely from a monetary point of view it makes your home more saleable, and you are far more likely to get the price you want for it when you have a desirable addition such as this to offer to potential buyers.

But it also adds value in that you are making your home more attractive to buyers. We all buy with our hearts as well as our heads, and a well thought out and expertly designed veranda is just the type of feature that can tip the balance and turn an interested home viewer into a determined buyer.

In short, adding a veranda is one of the best ways to make sure you achieve that sale in double quick time. Maybe it’s time to start looking at some brochures?

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