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An Outdoor Christmas Affair

If you love entertaining or hosting festive Christmas parties for your friends and family, building an outdoor entertaining area is a perfect way to set the mood for this year’s holiday season.

A patio extension not only creates a vibrant and open ambience, it also produces a relaxed party vibe.

Whether you have a limited or flexible amount of space available in your backyard, a veranda can enhance any living area by adding dimension to your current home.

Ideal for hosting either large or intimate gatherings, the many perks of having an outdoor extension is that its layout can be readily configured to your needs or liking.

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Limited Backyard Space

For homes with a tight outdoor space, a veranda can be used as an area to lay out a buffet style Christmas feast whilst guests relax and enjoy downtime in an allocated indoor living area.

Alternatively, you can use the space as an after meals lounging area where you can host gift exchanges and Christmas activities while light refreshments and deserts are served.

Naturally, patios and decks fit well together, so consider adding timber decking to enhance to the appeal of your outdoor space.

Expansive Backyard Space

Larger outdoor areas are ideal for hosting big gatherings and are a perfect way to keep all your guests in one part of your home.

Homes with a larger backyard are able to utilise their outdoor section as both an eating and lounging area for guests, with the ability to double as a games area for kids.

Decorating Outdoor

Decorating your veranda ultimately comes down to personal style and taste. This Christmas, aim to include novelty style pieces and bright twinkling lights to create a festive ambience.

Additionally, you can allocate a small corner for an outdoor Christmas tree or decorate existing plants with ornaments, stockings and wreaths.

For your table setting, incorporate festive coloured table covers or runners and small decorative pieces such as pine cones, potted succulents and candles for added

Best of all, you can do it all over again for the upcoming New Year!

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