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Arranging Furniture On Your Veranda

How you arrange furniture on your veranda can help define areas that are used for relaxing, talking, and eating. Because your veranda will most likely serve several purposes, placement of furniture and decorative items is very important when you want to create a space that is comfortable and intimate.


The size of your furniture should be determined by the size of the space. If you have a smaller space, you should avoid the following:

• Oversized furniture
• Too many pieces
• Large plants
• Too many decorations

Smaller spaces that are crowded with furniture and decorations will look cluttered and small. Open up smaller spaces by limiting yourself to two or three pieces, an end table, and a few medium sized plants. If you enjoy eating on your veranda, choose a picnic table with benches and one or two small chairs.

If you have a larger space, you should choose pieces that can fill the space without making it seem crowded. Verandas should be open spaces where you can enjoy the peacefulness of the outdoors.


Creating a few seating areas where you can sit by yourself or with family and friends is one way to create intimacy. This will also give you more opportunities to use the space you have. Separate spaces include:

• Eating area
• Reading area
• Conversation area
• Cooking area

You should try to create at least two of these areas in order to utilize the space.

After arranging the furniture, then you can fill in with other decorations. Don’t place too many items in one area as this will create an unwanted focal point that will appear cluttered and out of place with the rest of the space.


The color of your furniture depends on your preferences and how much you want to maintain them. Darker colors can hide stains, tears, and other damage, while lighter colors create the illusion of more space.

You can always change the color of seats by purchasing slip covers or you may be able to stain or paint furniture when you want a change.


The final touch to your veranda will be plants, decorative vases, cushions, and other items. Keep in mind that when you want to change the look of your veranda, many times all you need to do is purchase new decorations. Changing these items can add color and create a different atmosphere.

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