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Balancing Your Paving with Greenery

Regardless of how large or small an outdoor space may be, a large part of having it feel perfect has a lot to do with finding the right balance. The right balance can make or break a space, and two features that people commonly find themselves trying to have work well together are pavers and greenery. Pavers can be an extremely practical element in any outdoor plan, though like anything, if you have too much of the one element it can start to look like a one-dimensional design. The following are a few tips for balancing out your place, and will help you combine pavers and greenery for the best possible effect.

Potted plants

If you have moved into a home that has a large outdoor paved area, rather than spend time and money digging it up, instead make it greener by bringing in some potted plants. Potted plants are perfect for using on your patios or veranda as well, and because they are easy to move you will be able to change things around if you start getting bored. Don’t forget to make use of hanging plants too, as they can provide spectacular splashes of life and help balance out a heavily paved area. Another bonus with using potted plants is that you can take them with you if you ever decide to move to a different place, avoiding those heartbreaking scenes of having to say goodbye to dearly loved plants that you have grown in your garden.


One of the most popular ways to integrate paving into an outdoor area design is by creating some type of path with the pavers through the garden. Having a narrow paved walkway — or even just steps made from pavers — will be the perfect way to create a neat path throughout your yard or garden. Alternately, you could grow a border of flowers or plants along the edge of an already existing path, providing a beautiful accompaniment to any walk around the garden.

Weed control

Having some type of garden border can help you keep weeds back and under control, so creating a little wall around the edge of the garden can do a lot for the ease of your garden maintenance. You don’t want your pavers to take any attention away from your fabulous garden though, so make sure you make a statement with your plants and have them growing over the top of the pavers. It’s fine if you can still see the pavers, but with the plants clearly on top, it makes a fun statement that the plants rule in this backyard.

Balancing paving with various types of greenery will often help make it feel like a more natural and welcoming space, and at the end of the day, anything that makes your yard feel better is going to be well worth the investment. If you have never really felt totally relaxed in the yard, it might be because it is out of balance and needs either a little boost of green or some well-placed pavers.

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