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Best Outdoor Entertaining Ideas

We all love a good party and if you have installed a new pergola then you probably want to show it off! But to truly take advantage of that new outdoor living space you will want to have everything set up first and figure out what type of party you want to have. It also pays to take a look at the weather so you can plan for any eventuality.

If you have a big back yard then you can accommodate a lot more people than if you only have a small outdoor area and a patios. Either way you will need the right equipment which will usually mean a barbecue as well as table and chairs for everyone to mingle. Also, don’t forget something to keep the drinks cold!

Best BBQs Money Can Buy

Having a big barbecue is not always best even though it is a lot more fun to play with. The guys love a barbecue and this can probably be put down to some genetic thing that makes men want to ‘tend the fire’. Choose a BBQ that suits both your budget and space as well as the amount of people you intend on entertaining.

Gas is usually the best option as other BBQs can be hard to light and maintain. Be sure to check your gas bottle before the party and this can either be done by applying a meter in sticker form or simply pour some cold water on it (this will give you a rough indication). You do not want to run out of gas when the snags and steaks are only half way done cooking!

Undercover Entertaining Areas

While you may pray for good weather for your party be sure to plan ahead as an undercover area can save you a nightmare clean up if a storm rushes through. It also means that you can more easily entertain in the cold as heaters can be employed to make your guests more comfortable. Likewise in summer you can have a fan installed or (if your fancy!) air conditioning for your outdoor area.

A Place to Play

If you have kids or your guests have children you will want to have somewhere they can play safely. Grass areas are best as it will soften any knees that come into contact with it more favourably than concrete. Have a little separate area away from the main entertaining area so the adults can take a break from the little ones but still keep an eye on them.

If you can, have some play equipment around or, if it is a special occasion, hire a jumping castle to keep the children well and truly occupied. Just be careful none of the ‘big kids’ jump on it after having a few celbratory drinks!

Drinks Are Served

Having nice cold drinks are one thing but having a whole cocktail or mocktail bar is another thing! Minibar fridges are perfect for outdoor entertaining but if you don’t have one of these then an Esky will do the job just fine. The indoor fridge may seem fine but if you don’t want people to have to trudge through the house just to pour a cold glass of wine.

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