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Best ways to add value to your property

Renovating your home with updated features or brand new additions can be profitable as well as extremely satisfying. However, it's essential to choose your renovations carefully, to make sure you're getting the biggest return on your investment with improvements that truly add value.

Here are five of the most effective home renovation ideas to suit every budget.

  1. Boost curb appeal

If you're updating your home to make it more appealing to buyers, neglecting the front façade, garden and driveway could cause them to turn away before they even reach the front door. Make the right first impression by repainting an old front door, adding colour with plants, sweeping away leaves and debris, and filling in any cracks in paving and concrete. If your house is set away from the road, installing a front verandah or porch will make the front yard part of the living space.

  1. Add a bedroom

If you have the space and the funds, adding an extra bedroom to your home is one of the most reliable ways to boost its value significantly. A new bedroom doesn't come cheap – typically upwards of $50,000 – but the resulting increase in sale price can be many times that figure, into the hundreds of thousands.

  1. Remodel the kitchen

Kitchens are often one of the biggest deciding factors when buying a house. Residents are likely to spend a lot of time in this area, which needs to feel modern, spacious and hygienic. Simply repainting cabinets or replacing drawer and cabinet handles can make a big difference, or you can add a glass splashback for a contemporary feel.

  1. Update the bathroom(s)

Just like kitchens, bathrooms come under a lot of scrutiny and should ideally look as new and pristine as possible. Removing or replacing stained grout and cracked tiles is a must, and you could also consider updating cabinets, taps and lighting fixtures.


  1. Add a deck or patio

If you're proud of your backyard, spend more time outdoors by installing a patio or deck and extending your living space into the garden. A space for outdoor entertaining and BBQs will sway many home buyers' decisions in your favour.

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