Should Both Partners Be Present When Getting A Quote

Yes we do need both you and your partner at home when getting a quote.

Although one feels that they may know what they want in regards to their veranda, more often than not there are so many things that can hinder that initial design. It could be permit restrictions; it could be restrictions that your house allows.

Having both you and your partner at home gives us the opportunity to explore all possibilities. The end result of that is going to give you the best possible outcome.

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How Long Does It Take To Install A Veranda

We can do it in one day!

People are often surprised when we tell them we plan to have their veranda up, all systems going in the one day. This may mean starting at 8 in the morning and finishing at last light, but it will be done. We employ dedicated teams to install our verandas. They are not going to down tools and say we have a gig somewhere else, we will see you next Tuesday. We will install in a day.

If we have to come back for a second day, of course we will. A large job can take up to three days.

How do you do it so quickly?

Of course that is just purely due to the very detail measures at a manufacturing process off site. The veranda has been through the system once. It has been manufactured, it has been shrink wrapped and sent to site so no cutting will be required. It is purely an assembly.

Stratco Verandas

The beautiful thing about Stratco verandas is that they are fully engineered. They have computer stress test, they have simulated virtual tests. We know they are going to work before the first screw is turned.

What about the full process beyond installation?

I think it is equally important to say that we install a majority in a day. I think clients are also quite impressed that we complete the full process from as little as 3-5 weeks. This includes

  • Doing your building permit
  • Manufacturing
  • Getting on site

Surprisingly fast installation

When I actually say installation will take one day,Most people virtually fall off their chair because they are used to seeing someone out there for a week, a week and a half, sometimes 2 weeks.

It is crazy.

Our dedicated building teams

What helps the process is that we employ our own building teams. We don’t have to rely on subcontractors.

We give you up to 2 weeks notice of the day we are coming to install. And it will be on that day. You can plan your life around it.

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How Important Is Orientation When Designing The Veranda

Orientation is one of those subjects that it's probably one of the most ignored things in buildings generally.

Is orientation just about facing the sun?

Orientation is much more than just where the Sun sets in the west. Often people will talk to us about a problem window here and a window that lets in light here, with little or no understanding of what really matters with orientation. It would take up to a day to go through this in detail.

We know how weather affects your home and your street

To give you an idea of how deep this could go; do you really know in your suburb where the prevailing weather comes from? There is every chance we have already worked on your street, and that we already know the answer to that question. But often is the case when we are sitting through a design interview with a client, we have to go through the obvious points of orientation.

What is the basic idea?

The idea with this, in a very general way, is to try and get some winter light into your home and try to take the summer heat out. That is probably the essence of it.  But the design team has got collectively more than 40 years in this sort of thing.

  • We workshop it regularly
  • We deal with problems in neighbourhoods
  • We deal with aggressive weather
  • We understand where the weather is a problem in your suburb
  • We can tell you where the cold weather paths come from
  • We can tell you where the horrible hot Sun is
  • We can bring your home to a better position to live in as a result of a veranda.

At the end of the day it is a recommendation of the company to have a design consultant come out, touch on those very important subjects, and make the best of what we came to do.

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Does Building A Veranda Effect My Home Insurance

In most cases no. A veranda correctly installed with a permit and relevant engineering would not affect insurance.

Should I tell my insurance company

It is the advice of this company over the years to notify your insurance company, or broker, and in most cases it will increase the value of your home. So that is about the only reason you would need to affect your insurance policy

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Does A Veranda Add Value To Your Home

Absolutely a veranda increases the value of your home.

How much value does a veranda add?

I know some people often say that if you spend $10,000 on a veranda you have added $30,000 to the house. I am a bit more conservative. Definitely it is going to add $20,000 to the value of your house.

Real estate photos

Just pick up any paper you like and have a look at the way that the real estate agents sell homes. The main shot inevitably is a patio, if it’s a good. People want to look outside

Only adds value if done right.

I think the key to it though is it has to be done right to add value.

So how can a veranda be done wrong?

  • not designed properly to complement a home
  • isn’t done with consideration to landscape
  • isn’t done with building permits
  • is done with a substandard material

If a veranda is made poorly, although it will create the space, it may not necessarily add value. So you really want to deal with something that adds value

A class structure will put value unto a home, a tacky one just pulls it away

Modern homes require outdoor areas

In the 21st century people are looking for outdoor living space. We have changed the way we are using our homes. It has almost become mandatory to have a veranda at your home

It is un-Australian not to have a veranda


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