Do You Need A Building Permit When Building A Vernanda

You do need a building permit to install a veranda.

Are the exemptions?

There are almost no exemptions to that. The only exemption would be something that is very small and not attached to the home.

What about a pergola?

Something people actually get confused about what is a pergola and what is a veranda. So when they call up the councils, council will generally say to them a pergola is something that doesn’t require a permit, because is not attached and has on no roof. However, under current codes, even a pergola greater than 20 square metres will require a permit.

Don’t forget it is also going to be built to rule. You can’t build it over or anything like that.

Generally speaking, should I get a permit?

So many things affect the permit requirements, so it's easiest to say all verandas need a permit. You can’t play ducks and trays with a permit. It’s always compulsory. I always ask a client, let us do the paperwork? We’ll get it, be safe, be sure.

Someone else said I don't need a permit?

If a company is not willing to do a permit, you’d really question their integrity. Because we are talking about a permanent extension of your home. Often clients say to me, look I’ve seen someone else and they’ve said you don’t need a permit. That’s just not true.

I think as builders we’d love to all in an ideal world just build a veranda. But we actually take the next step and get the permit for you.

Don't get caught out.

And the onus does come back on to the owner so it is important. In Langwarrin just recently 30 verandas were ordered pulled down. That is very upsetting for me. Not to mention fines to the builder

Issues when selling your home

Where it can come back and bite you on the bum is when you want to sell your home. The purchaser of the home will want to see a permit. They do not want any risk involved with the sale.

Illegal structure 

By not doing a building permit, more often than not, you are actually going to make it without building in line with the guidelines which then makes it an illegal structure.


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Do I need to use a licensed builder for my veranda

In my opinion you do need to use a licensed builder.

Why use a licensed builder

By using a licensed builder you ensure everything is done correctly. Unless you have the means, the knowledge and the tools to be able to facilitate yourself, you need a licensed builder.

It's a big job.

You see we're not talking about a letter box here, this is adding a permanent extension to more than likely your most important asset, your home.

Failed DIY

We get several phone calls a week of failed DIYs asking us to help salvage their project. However, the reality is that by that stage it is to late and we can't help you.

Like the old saying goes, 'if you try and cut corners most likely it will cost you more in the long run'.

What does a licensed builder get you

  • By using a licensed builder you ensure all legal aspects are taken care of, by the way of permits, pluming and engineering.
  • More importantly, the area you have built is safe to sit under. Because, it's for your friends and family, so you want to make sure its safe for all people to be underneath.


The other reason why its good to use a licensed builder, is you have the peace of mind of all the warranties. In my experience, the larger the warranty the company offers, the more confident they are in what they are doing.


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Do I need to connect my veranda to storm water

Short answer, yes.

Some exceptions

There are few exceptions to needing to connect your veranda to storm water drains. And one of those exceptions would be the pergola. A typical veranda is covered, by definition if it has a roof cover it is collecting rainwater. A pergola is an open frame, and therefore an exception because rainwater is not collected.

Council Requirements

The requirements of just about all councils right across Australia is that if a roof collects storm water, it needs to be diverted to storm drains.

Can I use a storage tank?

Sometimes we will get clients ask us questions like, 'can we collect the water off the roof and put it into a rain water storage tank?' That is a very very good option and a win-win situation. Why wouldn’t you use for water that you get off your roof for free? But even then, the requirement is that the overflow of that tank be connected to storm water.

Let us deal with it.

We will come out and have a chat with you, so we can go through that issue very solidly. We take into consideration how much water is falling on your existing roof.

  • Do we divert that to your existing storm water?
  • Do we collect water into one down pipe?
  • Do we divide it amongst 2 or 3?

We will get that bit right. So leave it to Install A veranda, we will get that storm water issue fixed.

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Can You Have Cafe Blinds Installed On A Veranda

We are often asked about the veranda, having established a beautiful outdoor el fresco area for a home, whether cafe curtains can attached to them. They indeed can, we have that service.

The cafe blinds

They are tailor made, custom built here in Melbourne. You can turn your veranda into a virtual outdoor room. Making it into a beautiful space.

  • It changes the way you use your home
  • It makes it weatherproof all seasons of the year.
  • We can include privacy screens as well; if you have issues with the neighbours.
  • We can make it weather proof and windproof, so you can have those stand up gas heaters inside.

You can make it a real amenity for your home. We would be happy to do it if you ask us on the day

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Can I Install A Veranda On My Own

Why would you want to do that?

That’s one of those things that you have to think about in all seriousness. You are about to spend a lot of money on property, one of your biggest investments. And you have to ask yourself, do you have the ability to be able to do this correctly? It requires specialised tools, work platforms and a lot of time. In just about every instance a typical veranda in the suburbs is going to take our trades about a a day to assemble.

We only take a day.

Now bear in mind that complete structure have already been trough in a very technical process, and it has been cut with those tools in the factory and a trial assembly has been done. It’s pulled apart, it’s shrink wrapped and sent to site. We are on and off site in a day. So we are interrupting your life for one day. I guarantee that if you take upon that yourself, it will be considerably more than a day.

Council Approval

Can you guarantee that you are going to be able to get this through council? You have to convince the building inspector that it’s something that you are capable of doing. You are going to have to convince the engineer that it is structurally not affecting the home. And above all, you want to be able to convince yourself that you can finish it in a quality way that protects that investment.

Don't do it yourself

I can tell you that all too often I’ve been called out to people who have got a pile of materials, or they have inherited a lot of recycled materials, and they are trying to put something together. The short answer is you are going to end up with a frustrated process. I’d tell anyone not to do it. We’ve got about 12 odd guys doing this everyday, they are specialist trades. They have a skill base that comes out of construction, or roof plumbing, or sheet/metal work.

They know what they are doing. They know what not to do, more importantly. And I guarantee your install a veranda project will finish within expectation and satisfaction. Don’t do it yourself, it’s simple.

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