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Bringing Your Garden on to the Patio

You might have a garden in the backyard as well as some indoor plants, but what about the space in between? If you have a veranda or a patio then you will want to introduce some greenery to add colour as well as life to your outdoor entertaining area. It also offers you the chance to use slightly different plants in an undercover area and even experiment with more exotic indoor plants.

What Type of Outdoor Area

If you don’t have patios or pergolas yet then this should be the first thing you need to consider. Not only does this provide for a great outdoor entertaining area, it can help you create your very own garden of Eden. Your outdoor area should flow on from your home and there are lots of colours and styles you can choose from.

If you want a variety of plants you might want to consider a ‘sunroof’ style extension. These allow you to adjust the amount of light and weather coming through the roof. These are great because if it’s sunny you can let some light in but if it rains and you are entertaining you can close it off. It is also great for the plants as you can open the roof when it rains to water them!

Choosing Plants for Your Outdoor Area

Do your research before purchasing plants for your outdoor areas as you will want them to survive according to the amount of light they will receive. Again, this will depend on the type of covered area you have as some have clearer roofs that let a lot of light in. Simple plants to use can include ferns as well as cordylines as they are both low maintenance once established and come in a huge variety.

Use cordylines to bring some extra colour to your outdoor area and use ferns to create a more tropical feel. This can also be done with varieties of palms that are also low maintenance. Your selection of plants should reflect your dedication to your garden. If you care for your garden well you might want to try some trickier, but more rewarding, varieties of plants.

Blending Your Outdoor and Indoor Areas

It is a great idea to have your plants and colour extend from inside to your outdoor area. Keep a general plant theme from your indoor plants as you exit. Having a good undercover area (depending on where you live) will usually mean you can use indoor plants to great effect in your outdoor area.

Keeping Your Plants Healthy

Keeping your plants healthy is not a difficult task as long as you are choosing low maintenance varieties. If you are not big on watering, consider setting up a small watering system which can be done cheaply with basic irrigation equipment from a hardware store and some thin black irrigation pipe. Water according to the amount of heat your plants are receiving as well as the varieties that you have in your outdoor area.

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