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Choosing Your Deck And Patio Accessories

Installing your deck or patio may seem like a big project, but it is just the first step towards creating the perfect garden space. It’s the accessories you buy to complement your finished design that make all the difference.

Patio heaters

Why restrict using your patio to the summer months? The cooler autumn evenings can still be spent enjoying the outdoors if you have a patio heater to keep things comfortable. They don’t take up much space and you can buy them in many different designs to suit the feel of your patios.

Planters and pots

Plants and flowers provide the perfect way to soften the often hard lines of a deck or patio, and they can also provide color all year round if you regularly plant varieties that will stay in flower during different seasons.

If you use wooden planters you can stain them the same color as your deck; rustic pots also fit in well in this setting. For a more modern look go for aluminium planters and pots, or even colorful polypropylene pots that have a shiny finish and are extremely weather resistant.

Deck furniture

Whatever your style, whatever your taste, there is sure to be a set of garden furniture that will fit the bill. Wicker is a good choice as it’s light and easy to move, and usually has removable and washable cushions and covers.

Alternatively, wooden furniture always looks good and provided you look after it properly it can last for many years. Choose a weatherproof stain that will protect it against the elements, and also fit in with the feel of your patio or deck area. A dark stain will give the furniture a heavier look, whereas a light pine color will make the whole area feel lighter.


An essential item during the summer months, there are plenty of different styles to choose from – not to mention prices. Before you buy that gleaming stainless steel gas barbecue, think about how often you are really likely to use it, and how much room you have got as well. Once you have got your garden table, chairs and perhaps recliners out to use, you may find you don’t have as much room as you thought.

There are lots of different ways to dress your deck or patio, and give it a look that is uniquely yours. And don’t forget, you don’t need to buy everything all at once; the beauty of creating your perfect patio is selecting the accessories you really want and adding them gradually until you have the effect you want.

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