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Complementing Your New Patio With Plants

Complementing Your New Patio With Plants

Finding the right patios or other cover for your outdoor area is just the beginning of your landscaping journey. The best way to literally bring an outdoor area to life is to add some plants but how do you know which ones to use? The variety of plants is growing and the types on offer have been tested and bred for certain uses.

A few tips when looking for plants:

  • Don’t just choose plants you have used before.
  • Make sure you check the colours the plant produces.
  • If you have allergies check to see if it produces flowers.
  • Try to find examples in your neighbourhood of plants that are thriving.

These will at least get you started but if you are quite adventurous then you should try untested plants as well. The safe bet may be to use what everyone else is but then it wouldn’t be unique would it? Because you have gone to the expense of buying a beautiful new outdoor area then you should try adding some unique indoor plants to it.

Indoor Plants for Outdoors

Using indoor plant outdoors is possible if you have a good are built that is undercover or at least has some protection. This does depend on where you live but if you have a nice enclosed outdoor area then most indoor plants will be fine especially in warmer weather. Many indoor plants offer more colour and look better in pots than their outdoor counterparts.


Using small pots or garden beds with flowers will bring out a lot of colour and life to pergolas. Using pots gives you the options of matching the colours with your building and outdoor furniture. Be prepared to water plants more frequently especially as they are being established.

While flowers are a great option to add colour there are some downsides:

  • Flowers will only be around part of the year.
  • Many flowers need to be replanted each year.
  • Some flowers will be more susceptible to bugs and other problems.

Low Maintenance Planting

The alternative to flowers are low maintenance plants for your outdoor area and these have become increasingly popular. Asking your local nursery will give you some ideas as what may be low maintenance in one area may be a big hassle elsewhere. Many native Australian plants are best as they usually need only a small amount of water and are easy to maintain.

Gardening on a Budget

If you are trying to landscape your outdoor area but are on a budget there is no need to stress as you can still achieve what you want. The best way to save while buying the plants you want is to purchase less mature plants. Buying seedlings and other small plants will not look as good straight away but are fin after a few months and you would have saved a fortune!

Keep in mind that plants grow and just because a fully grown plant looks good it will grow the same from a smaller cheaper plant. Also keep in mind how big a plant will get as it will become a problem if you plant something that will get out of control. Try to keep your outdoor area a balance between beauty and low maintenance.

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