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Creating a Cosy Outdoor Entertainment Space

Creating a cosy outdoor area at your place will make it easy for you to entertain as much as you want, as well as prevent a cooler evening from ruining your plans for a gathering. The following is a look at some of the ways you can make your outdoor space more warm, welcoming and cosy, as well as ready to entertain.

Build an appropriate area

For your outdoor area to be ready for entertaining, you may need to do a little building first, because even though hanging out on the grass can be fun on a summer’s day, it isn’t really conducive to a dinner party or even a backyard barbecue, where some of the guests may need somewhere more comfortable to sit. Unless you already have something to work with, consider building a patios, a veranda, or even a pergola, as having a hard flat surface will make setting up tables and chairs out there a lot easier, and a shelter to protect you all from the elements will be very much appreciated.


Playing around with the lighting can make your outdoor areas a lot cosier, especially with well-placed pot lights or even by using different coloured light filters. You can use your lighting to effectively highlight some of your yard’s better features, such as plants, sculptures or the pool, and by changing them around you can quickly change up the look.

Build a fire pit

Building a fire pit is extremely easy to do and will make your backyard parties far more awesome, as there is nothing cosier than sitting around a fire with your family or friends. Just be sure you build your fire pit according to recommended safety standards, and that it is away from any trees or bushes in your yard, because you don’t want your cosy fire sparking a full-on blaze. Mobile, above-ground fire pits are a good choice, as there is a far smaller chance of your fire getting out of control. Regardless of your fire pit, always put safety first, and keep children and intoxicated people at a safe distance from the flames.

Get a hot tub

Having your own hot tub in your yard will make your outdoor area a cosy little paradise on those cooler evenings, and it is relatively inexpensive to have one installed. Your hot tub will only take up a small amount of your yard and will provide the perfect setting for a romantic evening with your partner, to relax after work on your own, or to have your friends and family over for a party. Remember to keep an eye out for the kids and ensure you have some way of restricting unsupervised access to the water.


If you already have a fantastic place to entertain outdoors, but find it gets cold quickly once the sun goes down, invest in a portable heater or two so that your gatherings don’t always have to end as soon as the sun disappears.

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